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Prayer, Karma, Wishes and good thoughts request

For our son. Yesterday after helping me with the yard work my son started acting very odd. First he couldn't figure out how to hold the bag open for me to put the leaves in, even though he does it every week. Next he went in to take a shower and when my wife went in to check on him he was lying in bed with a million mile stare. What really through us and had us heading for the ER was his really slurred speech and hallucinations. They ran blood work, did a CAT scan and a spinal tap on him trying to figure it out and everything came back normal so he was transferred to Nemours Children's Hospital. As of 6:00 this morning there's been no change, though they did finally gave him something to make him sleep. Currently they're waiting to see how he's acting when he wakes up and for a Neurological consult. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts as he and especially mom work through this.
Thanks everyone, currently he's still sleeping soundly under the sedative they gave him and Still waiting for Neurology to come by.

Pediatric Stroke was ruled out by the CAT scan they did last night gee. Everything they checked came back normal.
Sorry to hear that friend, it must be really hard on you and your family. 
Hope everything is alright and he is back to his usual self in no time!
Just got off the phone with my wife and while we still don't really know anything about the cause, Nichalous woke up about 30 minutes after I left to come home and take care of our daughter and he is quickly and steadily improving. He is eating and drinking. I will let you know more when I do. Thank you for your prayers