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Prayer, Karma, Wishes and good thoughts request

Oh no Rocket - I'm really sorry to hear. Your boy will be in my thoughts, hoping for the best. :pray: 

RocketMan said:
Just got off the phone with my wife and while we still don't really know anything about the cause, Nichalous woke up about 30 minutes after I left to come home and take care of our daughter and he is quickly and steadily improving. He is eating and drinking. I will let you know more when I do. Thank you for your prayers
Oh, good! I missed this - so glad to hear he's on the ups...still no ideas? Not diabetic? When you mentioned slurred speech and the other symptoms that was the 1st thing to come to mind. 
Regardless I'll continue to think good thoughts and hopefully the kid'll continue to fight the good fight! :cheers: 
Edit: I see you mentioned that you ruled out Pediatric stroke (I am not familiar with this,) so that seems to answer my question. hmm...
If the patient were elderly, just based on the symptoms you described (and I have no medical experience and thus cannot offer more than my own thoughts,) I would suspect a blood clot.
For example, my elderly grandmother was temporarily unable to talk well, or at all briefly if I remember right. Those symptoms gradually improved after she was taken to the ER.  After doing some ultrasounds, the doctors found blood clots in both her legs. I believe they called the symptoms a Transient Ischemic Attack [TIA] (a mini-stroke.) They performed surgery to add a filter that was designed to break up and prevent future blood clots. 
She seemed to improve relatively quickly once she was in the initial ER.  I wonder if they gave her some initial medicine or something that helped. I am unsure. I think later they did maybe if anything. I believe it took a day or so for them to perform the surgery because they needed to run the tests to determine the cause.
She has other elderly health conditions as well. Thus, there could be more than one problem existing here. But that's my shot in the dark. Take it with a grain of salt of course.
I will pray for improved health for your son. 
Prayers for your son, you and family.

Keep us posted. ..
I pray nothing permanent results.  But if it does, please know the brain is an amazing thing capable of working around many injuries.
Had to take some stuff over this morning for my wife and Nick was up and acting like his usual self. They still don't have any answers for us on what happened or why it happened. The doctor has decided to release him and we're to keep an eye on him and if it happens again we're to follow up with his Psychiatrist.
Score!!!!!!!! that's great news I always hate when my lil guy has His hospital stays but at least we know what wrong with him. I can only imagine having a sick kid with no clue as to a cause it must be terrifying. Glad he's on the mend best of wishes to yours from ours..
I hope they are looking deeper than the normal problems. We have had issues in the past here with mosquitos infecting people with malaria and dengue fever. All it takes is one mosquito to bite an infected person right of the boat/plane and then bite somebody else.
You didn't mention anything about him having high fever or elevated body temps so that's not likely the case but you should start asking around if other people in your area are having similar issues.
On the other hand, his quick recovery is a strong indication that it was not as serious as it seemed and that his immune system is strong.
Prayers of peace and wellness to your son and your family.
Glad he's doing well, but I can't imagine what a psychiatrist would be good for.  If similar symptoms return, please take him to a real hospital ASAP, not a pill pushing quack. 
If you have the means, a consultation with a cardiovascular specialist wouldn't hurt.  His symptoms sure seem to suggest a loss of blood flow.