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PSF 2021

Comfrey plants completely unaffected by the storm are looking better than ever.


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Some lovely veg there P a well thought Fall/Winter grow with all the staples and any man or women who grows comfry in there garden has green fingers.Best for your late grow.🙂👍


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Just a wonderfully healthy garden and your mykos manure compost is certainly doing it's magic.
Every plant looks in tip top health it would be a garden that would put a smile on my face walking out to each day.
Harvested squash and mustard greens today. All from volunteer plants. Two giant squash plants had grown up in the goat yard and the goats left it alone long enough to actually feed Us. The mustard greens were planted a few years back and we let some seed every year and it comes up in random spots so we eat it all fall and winter.



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