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Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

I have decided to start a dedicated Grow Log for
the Purple Thunder Bhut Jolokia hybrid.

It made its first appearance in 2015:
"This coloration might be the result of the intense
light on these red Bhuts, but only 2/6 show the trait.
If it is a cross,the only purple-y plant near the bhut
was Trippa's Mystery Cross. All of these seeds from
the same pod:"

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A little hot sun will work wonders on those,
Vivian. They look like they have a good
foundation for further growth.


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Got my first PT flower! :) I didn't expect it to pop on the smaller of my two container plants, but I seem to be lagging in training my plants to listen to me! ;) Hopefully the bees are able to make their way in to find that one..... 🤣


I've got one more in a 4" pot that I will move into a 17" container with my SRP in a week. Did you guys warn me that this pepper thing is addictive? I can't remember........had to put a self imposed moratorium on sowing anymore pepper seeds. Six anemic plants last year to 17 healthy specimens this year! 🤣🤣


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"Six anemic plants last year to 17 healthy specimens this year!"

Hey, @rgreenberg2000 - I'd say you were making great progress!

Plant is really flowering nicely!
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Nice heathy specimens, Fabrizio! Great
to see you growing @GLEN_1984's F6
Panama Strain!

Glad to see you on board for the 2022
Purple Thunder grow! Can't wait to see
those gnarly yellow/caramel pods!