raised-bed raised beds

Thats funny, cause I thought about doing it last year. I might fasten one up this year, but like a pot, not a raised bed.
I toyed with the idea of using a kiddy pool drilled with drainage holes all over, so I guess this would take it to the next level!! But the kiddy pool would be cheaper I think!!
I personally like long beds for ease of reach instead of larger diameter beds! I did that one year and man I was mad at myself for not having a way to lean over to access the product!!
so for my raise beds I plan on using tin or salvage roof metal to build it!
I started my veggie garden that way this year so I will continue adding to it till it is all surrounded with it!!
I will then turn to my pepper patch running down the length of my fence where shade is! But great idea for a complete system!!
was also thinking of a kiddy pool too.

i think one of the reasons why they had to make it into a circular shape is because when you fill it up with dirt the shape will hold itself up better than an elongated shape like an oblong / oval or a rectangular one. i mean when you're trying to shovel in dirt in a rectangular shaped raised bed made of fabric all by yourself, it'll be a bitch and a half to get it done while trying to keep the walls upright. =D

roof metal you say? =D


my raised beds are made from scrap metal roofing from our house.

i still got a bunch of drainage roofing i can use as raised beds also. lol. we just replaced the drainage.