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RYMERPT 2022 into 2023 GLOG

My buddy asked me for seeds a couple weeks ago. I told him its to late in the season, but b sent him the seeds anyway. This will be his first time growing peppers and he is going with a small hydroponic kit he bought.
Well, because he started this late, I thought what the hell. Sooo I ordered a new heat matt (should arrive today) and went out and bought some soil. Im using the same solo cup method that has worked so well before. Two cups, top cup has holes, water from the bottom up.
I sowed (three seeds per cup) 1) REAPER 2) YELLOW NAGA REAPER 3) FATALI 4) TEPIN X LEMONDROP View attachment 108 143[/ATTACH]


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Thanks for the comments guys. I think going outside might be happening sooner than later. I'm gonna take these little guys and put them in those planter buckets I snagged from that work site. They will look like tiny specks in those containers, but if they have the gusto to survive they will have plenty of room to grow. I'm gonna pass on the turmeric. I need it for my kitchen.
Currently sitting in my car waiting for the nursery to open. "Open, open, open" gonna buy a couple more things and do my planting into buckets today. The excitement is almost unbearable. Perhaps you people can understand, but most other people in my life think im nuts. My son requested that i grow some herbs. I have read that basil does well beneath pepper plants. Im gonna give that a try and maybe also try some Cilantro. Thinking also about getting some cucumbers. Ill post lots of pics later today as i rest from my day today. Untill then i bid you adoo.
I've been noticing a trend on here. Apparently, the marketing people at US soil sellers are much more creative with their packaging and branding. I mean, emerald triangle blend? :)

We have a lot of the same boring potting soil bags. Just looking them up made me laugh.

Primaterra, Universal potting soil


Fleurella, potting soil

Something that translates to 'Great deal, potting soil'


And this creative packaging, with a flower from Florentus.



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🤣I did notice that too! The designer of those bags must have had a very creative moment...
... isn't the Emerald triangle the "smoking" heart of u.s cannabis production?
The reference to Indian Bhang could also be a clue...