Seed Fundraiser - Christopher Phillips

1st bid of $1300 (or more) takes home this:

Truth be told, I've already outbid the max pot a few bids back.  I was going to cover the difference.  I'll concede.  Good job, Team Hawt!  It's been fun.  Now, you can start counting your pepper plants (actually, might still be a little early for that...poke poke).  :clap:
To help make this auction a little more successful, I'll send in a $150 gift to Chris.  This will make it a nice "rounded" number for the auction.  Buddy, please PM me the instructions.  Last time, I did it through the donation site and I guess they take a cut.  
Lastly and mostly, thank you buddy, Pr0digal_son, romy6, and wayright for setting up this auction and all the hard work you've done.  You guys run a great auction!  My hat is off to you!   :clap: