Seed Giveaway - CLOSED

EvanWilliams1988 said:
Is this still open?
Yes, its still open.  Everyone can consider it open until the Subject of the thread indicates its closed.  Just send me a PM with your username in the subject for easier tracking and what you want.   WIll get them ready.
The_DoGMaN said:
Would you be willing to send to Canada?  I would be willing to front the shipping.
Yeah, like I mentioned in the post, won't fill out any customs forms, sorry don't have the patience or time for that, but will send.  Once I get to yours and send it, I'll let you know if I need any extra $.  Its usually pretty cheap even across the ocean, I think its always been less than $3.
ronaldo_fanbelt said:
This is beyond awesome thanks again!
Your welcome, will get them shipped out hopefully sooner than later.  
fF there is still room I'd love to give several of these a try next season - Thanks for the offer - PM incoming.
bpiela said:
I am certainly interested if still available
Yes, have about 3 or 4 spots available.  Going to bed shortly, will see what happens overnite.  Send me a PM, might be closing down for a while in the morning.  Might do again later, probably with a SASBE next time though.