SineNomine 2021

Hi all!
Although I'm pretty old around here, this will be the first Glog.
I have been growing peppers on the balcony since 2014. Last year I switched everything to hydroponics and I am very happy with that.
Here is the growth list:
Suspended pots:
  - Fatality 6
  - Fatal Red 2
  - Devil´s Tongue Yellow 1
  - Papa Joe’s SB 3
  - Scoth Bonnet MOA 3
  - Black River SB 1
Floor pots:
  - Pimiento de la Puta la Madre 3
  - Lemon Drop 2
  - Chile Rayado 4
  - Jalapeño M 4
  - NuMex Vaquero 4
  - Devil´s Tongue Yellow 1
  - Tepin x Lemon Drop 3
  - "Aji Cito" (Panama) 1


Seeds isolated from Tepin x Lemon Drop. It is a stable variety, I have been growing them for about 3-4 years and they have the same characteristics from one generation to another. 
It is pods obtained from the office plant. It is grown indoors away from any other pepper plant.
If anyone wants, sent me PM!

The tent exhaust fan is very good for drying. :)
I was gone for 3 days, the automatic irrigation system did its job very well.
The plants grew even more than I wanted.
On the left side the first plant is Murupi, then Pimienta de la puta la madre, then two Lemon Drop. On the down right is a small group of Jalapeno M. Up are the Fatalii.

The group of Lemon Drop and Pimienta de la puta la madre seen from the other side.

The six Fatalii.


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That's awesome about your Rayado.  They're an intriguing variety.  I started growing them only last season and, since I got the seeds late into the year, they really didn't have the time to do well.  I started them earlier this year though and it appears I should get good production from the 2 I'm growing. 
One thing I've noticed is they seem to prefer very warm temperatures, to the point of not thriving in somewhat cooler temperatures when other varieties are chugging right along.
I hope you're right about the temperatures. During this period it should do well.
Through all the treatments given to the seeds, I tried to avoid the disease that killed all the other plants planted in the spring.
Maybe I'm lucki now.