SineNomine 2021

Hi all!
Although I'm pretty old around here, this will be the first Glog.
I have been growing peppers on the balcony since 2014. Last year I switched everything to hydroponics and I am very happy with that.
Here is the growth list:
Suspended pots:
  - Fatality 6
  - Fatal Red 2
  - Devil´s Tongue Yellow 1
  - Papa Joe’s SB 3
  - Scoth Bonnet MOA 3
  - Black River SB 1
Floor pots:
  - Pimiento de la Puta la Madre 3
  - Lemon Drop 2
  - Chile Rayado 4
  - Jalapeño M 4
  - NuMex Vaquero 4
  - Devil´s Tongue Yellow 1
  - Tepin x Lemon Drop 3
  - "Aji Cito" (Panama) 1




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Great harvest SN, and I agree with CD. The street view is awesome! Definitely a topic of conversation among passerbys.
How's the flavor of Fatalii Red?
I'm not too fond about the prototypical chinense perfumey/flowery flavor and I much prefer bhuts and some red/brown supers.
Congrats for the huge harvest!

Thank you!
For neighbors in the area, the balcony is already a common sight. There are a few years in which they have been able to get used to this.

@Datil, for me Fatalii Red does not resemble the aroma of Fatalii Yellow. It has a fruity aroma, slightly sweet and the spiciness is much lighter and less aggressive than the Yellow Fatalii. The taste is far from Bhuts.

I have some more pictures of the harvest.
Papa Joe's SB, my seeds.