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SineNomine 2022

It is time to start the new growth for 2022.
Link to my grow log 2021.

Last fall I kept a Tepin x Lemon Drop plant that I tried to grow as a bonchi. He's not the best candidate for that, but he looks pretty good. It even has a flower that seems to turn into a pod.

I will sow C. Chinense on February 20 and C. Annuum on March 6.

Here is the growth list:

Suspended pots:
- Fatalii - V1 2021 / Semillas - 3
- Fatalii - PaulG - 2
- Purple Thunder F4 yellow/caramel - PaulG / Pepper Guru - 2
- Trippaul Threat F3 yellow - PaulG - 1
- Papa Dreadie SB - Sawyer - 4
- Aji Jobito - Semillas - 3
- Farm Locoto - Samaipata - Pepper Guru -1 (Growdown Throwdown 2022) I hope the seeds arrive soon. The envelope has been sent for a month

Floor pots:
- Lemon Drop - V1 2021 / Semillas - 2
- Goliath Jalapeno - PaulG - 4
- Tasmanian Black - PaulG - 2
- Chilhuacle Negro - Semillas - 4
- Prik Khi Nu - Semillas - 2
- Ancho Mulato - Semillas - 3
- Tepin x Lemon Drop - V4 2021 / az1000 - 3

Growth will be hydroponic just like last year.
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That germinator really carries the starts well
to this stage. Nice healthy plantlets with 3-4
sets of true leaves. Those should transplant
quite nicely. Looking forward to seeing how
their roots systems look under there.
Your growsystem produces some pretty fast and healthy growing plants. You've done well building that! It seems you have a lot more fungi on the root riot cubes compared to last year, did you change anything in your m.o. this year or is it coincidence?
How are you constructing these trays? The finished product looks a lot more precise and better finished than the 3D printing I’ve seen before, but I can’t imagine how else you’d do it without fully industrial processes…


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@PaulG : these two Goliath Jalapeno seem to be something else. It looks like a Variegated Jalapeno. I'll keep them.
The Goliath seeds came from the same stock
as Matt's variegated jalapeño, but the plant
had no variegation and the pods were long
and red, like a regular jalapeño. Interesting
to see the variegation show up in its progeny.
Thank you guys!
Weekly update. There is no room in the first tray. I should have transplanted, but I didn't have time to make a second tray of perlite pots. I hope to solve this in the coming days.

The plants transplanted last week are behaving well. They grow, but at a slower pace than those in the Kratky tray.
I like this system more because I think the transition to the final pots will be easier.