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SineNomine 2022

It is time to start the new growth for 2022.
Link to my grow log 2021.

Last fall I kept a Tepin x Lemon Drop plant that I tried to grow as a bonchi. He's not the best candidate for that, but he looks pretty good. It even has a flower that seems to turn into a pod.

I will sow C. Chinense on February 20 and C. Annuum on March 6.

Here is the growth list:

Suspended pots:
- Fatalii - V1 2021 / Semillas - 3
- Fatalii - PaulG - 2
- Purple Thunder F4 yellow/caramel - PaulG / Pepper Guru - 2
- Trippaul Threat F3 yellow - PaulG - 1
- Papa Dreadie SB - Sawyer - 4
- Aji Jobito - Semillas - 3
- Farm Locoto - Samaipata - Pepper Guru -1 (Growdown Throwdown 2022) I hope the seeds arrive soon. The envelope has been sent for a month

Floor pots:
- Lemon Drop - V1 2021 / Semillas - 2
- Goliath Jalapeno - PaulG - 4
- Tasmanian Black - PaulG - 2
- Chilhuacle Negro - Semillas - 4
- Prik Khi Nu - Semillas - 2
- Ancho Mulato - Semillas - 3
- Tepin x Lemon Drop - V4 2021 / az1000 - 3

Growth will be hydroponic just like last year.
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Finally I finished the second tray. Last night I transplanted the plants from the second series.
Some look better, some worse ...
In the background are Goliath Jalapeno which really grows tall 5 weeks after sowing.
At the bottom right it should have been a Goliath Jalapeno, but now I have something more handsome. :)

The back-up plants in the Kratky tray, under the blue light, grow much faster than I would like during this period.

Most of the C. chinense bifurcated and have flower buds.
The only C.Annuum plants here are the two on the bottom right, Tasmanian Black from @PaulG seeds.

The plants in the second tray take off 3 days after transplanting.
IMG_20220410_083322.jpg IMG_20220410_083333.jpg
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Your plants grow fast! 😳
Faster than I want now. There are at least 2 weeks until planting outside.

C. Chinense tray.

Seen from above, it looks like a green carpet with purple spots.

C. Annuum tray.

Making good progress there, @SineNomine.
I hope the variegated Goliath produces some
nice variegated pods for you.
Even though it grows harder, the first flower buds have appeared. The white leaves of the forks appear to be flower petals.

In the back-up tray the cut plants gave a lot of side shoots.
Strange... for some reason I'm not getting notifications when your thread updates... 🤔

Noticed your grow lamp... are you satisfied about it? I'm using Sansi 36W grow lamps. They're ok while they last but unfortunately they don't last much longer than a year and if you have to replace them frequently it starts to add up...
It is a 220V, 20W, 3500k LED mounted on a processor radiator and a 90 ° lens. Provides ~ 20,000 lux on the leaves, now.
I use the same type of LED for tent lamps, but without lenses. This is the third year I use them and I hope I will use them for at least another 3 years.
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In both trays the plants almost touch the LED lamps.
C. Chinense: Trippaul Threat F3 yellow is the tallest plant. I raised the fans because they touched the leaves.


C. Annuum: I cut the tops of a Goliath Jalapeno that was burned by one of the LEDs.


A Lemon Drop has a few pods and lots of flowers.

Variegated Goliath Jalapeno grows very slowly.

An overview of the two trays in the big tent.

Back-up tray: equally beautiful plants!

Bonchi has lost its dark leaf color. He strengthened his stem thanks to the tent fan blowing towards him.

The plan is to start transplanting into pots outside on Monday. The forecast looks promising.
forecast 23.04.jpg
Your square pot system is working just great.

Goliath plant looks good with all the white
foliage.I hope it gets around to setting some
pods for you this summer.
Due to a busy period I could not transplant anything. I took the trays out because there was no room in the tent.
The plants are very large, but have rather soft stems due to overcrowding.
In these C. chinense the roots seem quite developed.

And the C. Annuum tray is too crowded.

This year I sowed C. Chinense on February 20 and C. Annuum on March 5.
I have to remember that next year I will sow 1-2 weeks later.