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SineNomine 2022

It is time to start the new growth for 2022.
Link to my grow log 2021.

Last fall I kept a Tepin x Lemon Drop plant that I tried to grow as a bonchi. He's not the best candidate for that, but he looks pretty good. It even has a flower that seems to turn into a pod.

I will sow C. Chinense on February 20 and C. Annuum on March 6.

Here is the growth list:

Suspended pots:
- Fatalii - V1 2021 / Semillas - 3
- Fatalii - PaulG - 2
- Purple Thunder F4 yellow/caramel - PaulG / Pepper Guru - 2
- Trippaul Threat F3 yellow - PaulG - 1
- Papa Dreadie SB - Sawyer - 4
- Aji Jobito - Semillas - 3
- Farm Locoto - Samaipata - Pepper Guru -1 (Growdown Throwdown 2022) I hope the seeds arrive soon. The envelope has been sent for a month

Floor pots:
- Lemon Drop - V1 2021 / Semillas - 2
- Goliath Jalapeno - PaulG - 4
- Tasmanian Black - PaulG - 2
- Chilhuacle Negro - Semillas - 4
- Prik Khi Nu - Semillas - 2
- Ancho Mulato - Semillas - 3
- Tepin x Lemon Drop - V4 2021 / az1000 - 3

Growth will be hydroponic just like last year.
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On May 7, I planted all the plants in the pots on the floor.
A Lemon Drop plant from the Kratky spare tray did not withstand the transition to perlite. That's why I switched to the perlite tray system this year.
IMG_20220501_112528.jpg IMG_20220501_112536.jpg IMG_20220501_113146.jpg IMG_20220508_114500.jpg IMG_20220511_201604.jpg

I have a spare Lemon Drop plant so I won't be left with an empty pot.
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Wow, our grow is off to a stellar start
to the Summer season, Vivian!

Are you growing in straight perlite in
the air-pots? I can't tell if there is a tray
under the pots to collect pour-through.
The other plants are doing well, many already have set pods.

Tasmanian Black, seeds from @PaulG
IMG_20220511_201537.jpg IMG_20220511_201852 Tasmanian Black.jpg

Lemon Drop from my seeds. This plant has a lot of set pods and lots of flowers.

Goliath Jalapeno, @PaulG
IMG_20220511_201852 Goliath Jalapeno.jpg

Vezena Piperka, Croatian Seeds
IMG_20220511_202027 Vezena Piperka.jpg

Prik Khi Nu, Semillas. These plants are very tall and robust. It's not exactly what I want on the balcony.
IMG_20220511_201716 Prik Khi Nu.jpg

This Chilhuacle Negro remained a dwarf. Now that higher temperatures have come, I hope they start to grow.

An overview.


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I have three Goliath Jalapeno plants from @PaulG and they all have a black - purple stem. I don't mind in any way, on the contrary I like the way it looks, I'm just curious to know if this is normal.
IMG_20220513_203218.jpg IMG_20220513_203208.jpg IMG_20220513_203154.jpg
These are open-pollinated seeds so they could
have picked up a stray gene. Also they are F4, so
still room for some variation. Post these pics on
the Variegated Jalapeño thread in the Glog section
and check out some of the other growers’ plants
over the past three seasons.

Your specimens look great, BTW 😁
Thanks @PaulG. I read all that thread and now I understand the history of these Goliath Jalapeno. Now I'm curious if white or variegated shoots will appear on my 3 green plants.
Vivian! Looking good in Romania, my friend!

The Goliath Jalapeńo and Tasmanian Black
are doing well for you - I like the flowers on
the Tasi Black! The pods on the Goliath look
true to form, sort of long and slender, tapered
cylinders. Has any variegation manifested it-
self on the Goliath Pepper?