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SKULLBIKER'S Everything BUT Peppers 2022 GOLOG(growing other log)


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Three more cantaloupe this morning. I was afraid that many would ripen at nearly the same time. The good old "feast or famine" scenario!



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Picked some cabbage and Kossak Kohlrabi this morning. I'm making some more fried cabbage and not sure of the fate of the kohlrabi, I'll have to see how they look when I whack 'em. The seasonal rain and heat are here now and the veggies hate it. I had 2 1/2 inches of rain last night.



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More tomatoes today. Tomatoberries, Brad's Atomic Grape, Lemon Boys. I think I'm a week or two out from the regular red varieties going ripe.


Siamesed Brad's Atomic Grape.

Nice haul (again) mate! What do you think of the Brad's Atomic Grape so far?