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SKULLBIKER'S Everything BUT Peppers 2022 GOLOG(growing other log)

First pineapple bud of the year.

I had a couple of Macadamia germinate recently.
One seems to be polyembryonic and the other came up and the tip died off, I left it alone and now it has side shoots.


Here's a pic of one that germinated some time ago, they grow slow.


On the vegetable front I pulled up a couple of my Daikon Radishes as they looked like they were about to bolt. I sampled one and it is quite tasty(if you like radishes). I have a bunch of these going so I'm going to explore ways to preserve them.


It looks like the first little fruit may be forming on one of my cantaloupe plants. I am assuming it got polinated as the bees have been around.

A few Passion Fruits. I didn't expect to get any as I never got the plants out of the gallon pots.


Proof of life on my watermelon vines.



Did you ever get that uneasy feeling like someone was watching you?

I was watering the melons behind the garage and when I turned around......bingo.....there he was!


Harmless Black Racer, I see it around my yard frequently. I almost stepped on it twice last week.