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SKULLBIKER'S Everything BUT Peppers 2022 GOLOG(growing other log)

They’re really really good for salsa. I have several quarts canned for future enjoyment. 👍🏻
That's exactly how I use them too, except for the ones I eat directly from the plant or on a salad. I'm glad you like them (wasn't expecting the opposite anyway to be honest!!). Rock on Biker🤘
I've got mangos dropping now every time we get a good wind.


I have that same scale! 😂
The fall bean crop has been planted in the containers. Now to wait and see if anything comes up. I started with the Christmas Lima Beans from seed I saved from last year.


Part of an online seed ad.


I also planted one container each of three different pole bean varieties. Kentucky Blue, Monte Gusto, and Seychelles. A couple of pics before covering the seeds.


Wow SB! I've never seen beans planted so densely. I plant regular snaps 6" apart, and limas 12" apart lol. Do you thin them at all, or do you just let 'em rip?
Wow SB! I've never seen beans planted so densely. I plant regular snaps 6" apart, and limas 12" apart lol. Do you thin them at all, or do you just let 'em rip?

Well, I wish I had 100% germination but alas, that rarely happens. I have found that growing them heavy along with my tall cages for then to grow up works fairly well for me. Kinda like when I jam a bunch of pepper plants in a container.....just have to feed and water accordingly.
I think you may have noticed that I rarely follow standard gardening rules!😬
These Christmas Lima Beans are being some absolute growing brutes! Just two days since they were breaking ground and a few are nearly six inches tall today. 😳


The next beans to germinate were the Kentucky Blue followed closely by Monte Gusto.


Tendersweet Cabbage now into the Dixie cups.


And the Kossak Kohlrabi.

The lima beans are continuing to grow like monsters, seeds sown on 8/17.


The green beans could be described as dismal germination, I may just replant those with new seed. The seed I used was 3 years old which shouldn't have been a problem. At this point they don't deserve a picture!
Apple Banana update. The bunch is looking good.


And, siamese if you please!


Also, the Miracle Fruit Plants that I planted in the 100 gal cattle watering tub are doing pretty good.


It looks like I might even get a few berries off of the center plant this fall yet.

Well, those Miracle Fruit buds in the previous post blew away with Ian but it looks like a couple more may be forming. Here are a few more of the Miracle Fruit plants, plus there are some 6 inch ones to pot up.


And the latest arrivals:



On another front, the "good" banana tree next to the house is just now blooming.



The cabbage, cauliflower, and KOHLRABI plants have bounced back after the storm and are growing well at the moment.


And the Kossak Kohlrabi have now started to bulb!


The tomatoes that were in the storm are starting to grow again.