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Smoke Somethin

Got this char-griller premium kettle for my birthday, it says its a smoker too.

So after a little research and about 40 bucks for charcoal baskets and a pizza stone I'm gonna give it a shot.

Here's the kettle


Charcoal baskets


Modified grate out of my old grill, had to cut the sides off, and hit it with a hammer a couple times so it would get past these bolts.


Pizza Stone(heat diffuser)


Water/drip pan


Forgot to add the apple wood, it wasn't that bad to open everything back up. Glad I took out some of the center of the old grate.


Iron mikes mustard Bbq for a binder and Montreal steak, some minced onions, salt and pepper on the rub.



Questions, comments, and suggestions all welcome. This will be my smoking/grilling thread.

Bout to slap the meat on now!

A little siderib /sparerib experiment that turned out excellent.

bacon cured ribs. in cure for five days. rinse and dry on a rack to form pellicle.

mix of bourbon barrel and sugar maple for the smoke

excellent to eat straight up, also stocked in freezer to use in baked beans, stew etc

will try braised served with cabbage and potaoes at some point like Irish bacon ribs.

How long does a drum normally last? I wonder if you put part of a smaller drum in the bottom if it would keep some of the heat off of your outer barrel. Maybe I should just get a whiskey barrel, I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike!
Pack some thin bricks in the bottom lasts very long if kept dry.