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Smoke Somethin

Got this char-griller premium kettle for my birthday, it says its a smoker too.

So after a little research and about 40 bucks for charcoal baskets and a pizza stone I'm gonna give it a shot.

Here's the kettle


Charcoal baskets


Modified grate out of my old grill, had to cut the sides off, and hit it with a hammer a couple times so it would get past these bolts.


Pizza Stone(heat diffuser)


Water/drip pan


Forgot to add the apple wood, it wasn't that bad to open everything back up. Glad I took out some of the center of the old grate.


Iron mikes mustard Bbq for a binder and Montreal steak, some minced onions, salt and pepper on the rub.



Questions, comments, and suggestions all welcome. This will be my smoking/grilling thread.

Bout to slap the meat on now!

MikeUSMC said:

(With food! ;) )
Walchit said:
Yeah, I dont believe you at all without the pic! Lol

As a matter of fact, I dont even know if Freeport bum even has a grill, that grate could have just been levitating ove some sort of heat source lol
Finally went a picked this thing up a few weeks ago. Nice deal. Here's your pics lol.
WSM IMG_20200614_192433474.jpg

Sealed door
WSM IMG_20200616_182448430.jpg

Guru attachment port
WSM IMG_20200616_182507293.jpg

...and the hinge. This thing is a must have!
WSM IMG_20200616_182517032.jpg

Also threw in four bags of lump.
WSM IMG_20200614_192954192.jpg

Now I have fired this puppy up, but I'll add that little adventure a little later. :D
P.S. If these pics are sideways, TS. I've played with the "exif", including deleting it, and they still look sideways.
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