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travel The Great 2021 StettoMoveBlog

Remember this guy? This is the stairwell header at the bottom of the back stairs, directly in front of my studio door.
Stairwell header1.jpg

It sat like this for 9 or ten years, I started cutting The original wall was less than 5' above the step, I had a sign at one time that read "Duck'a you head, low'la bridged'a"...There was actually no solution I could come up with to tie it into the ceiling. But putting your house up for sale and the panic that ensues can bring out the stone knives and bearskins outhouse construction engineer out of a guy. This was Saturday:
Staiwell header2.jpg

All roughly cut out, a flex corner bead installed and a sheet of 1/8" milkboard cut to fit. Yes, ugly, and it got even uglier, as I had to install a drywall nailer, which eliminated the arch effect to a degree, but put it almost a foot farther down the stairs, so a 5'8" height was maintained. Yes, you taller girls would still have to duck...

After the nailer I muscled in a piece of half inch rock and did some 45-minute mudd. This is how it looks @ 8 pm last night.
Stairwell header3.jpg

I just now knifed a second mudd coat (45 minute again, if I had 20 minute I would have likely been applying beauty skim this morning, but I don't want to go 12 miles into town for a bag. Another slice of milkboard will fill the blank spot and all will be painted the most forgiving way I know how: flat white. Gonna look a bit weird, but I won't have to look at it, right?

I finished outside paint touchups yesterday, and yes, it's still warm for November 8 (Yes Big & Rich, we play it every year), so I can actually get the half-an-eighth-acre tilled today and call the guy who bought the ol' Cub to come get it. Then the JD lawn tractor and a couple garden trailers get set out to the road with the FOR SALE!! sign attached.

One thing at a time, done VERY well, then I move on...

Glad to hear the dates set and hope the weather blesses you with a hassle free move and wishing the best for your Dec 1st and hope things going well.
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No showings for a few days, the people who were interested apparently never got pre-approved, so the Mama person is asking me to tell our realitor to drop the price. NO FORTITUDE, I tell you!! The place has been on the market 10 days and she 's nervous already.

This on the day she gets a job offer in the Springs for a LOT more than they she was told to expect. She starts Dec. 6, so house sold or not, here we go...
Glad to hear the dates set and hope the weather blesses you with a hassle free move and wishing the best for your Dec 1st and hope things going well.

Heh, the weather...our last nice day of 2021 was yesterday. "Major" snow system moving in tonight.

It was nice while it lasted, still feel blessed. :pray:
Had a showing today, they called at 3 and we made ourselves scarce for a 4:00 appointment.

Just got a text from our land pimp: expect an offer within 24. I'm not gonna get excited. Yet. No, we did NOT drop the price.

And we have a house to rent in the Springs, overlooking Garden of the Gods.

The Mama unit is peeing herself in glee. That has ALWAYS turned me on...
I'm impressed with the flex bead run on the arch. Not easy, even by a pro.
Soon you will be painting all the rooms in a new abode to appease the missus. It's common law in all states. :cheers:

After this, Reggie, all my painting stuff is headed to the dumpster.

I don't remember having less pleasure in a task, funerals aside....


I have deck furniture under two-foot drifts that should have rounded up and stored in the shed a couple months ago.

Ok, that's me for today.
2 cases of bottled rhubarb wine (and one 2-liter Smirnoff bottle full), the studio is a bare room. Now I'm tossing tools, perfectly good, some brand new tools, into the dumpster because I have 3 of everything (yes, considering therapy). It's truly sad, and I could have made a few dollars more if I'd planned better before the yard sale.

The buyers hired the slowest inspector ever--Took 4 hours out of our day yesterday. No report yet, and at this point I don't care what they find, only that unless the fix(es) amount to no more than a couple hunnert bucks, the buyer can pound sand AFAIC...you can tell I'm done, can't you...:crazy::crazy::crazy:

Oh well, starting countdown, engines on.....TEN
Still on for Monday departure. Gonna spend a night in Rapid City, then stop in at a friend's ranch outside Torrington WY and stay a night at the Holiday Inn Express there (yep, and I'll milk that line dry for a week or two), winding up in CO Springs on the 1st.

We successfully downsized our lives, gonna miss some of the single-cylinder stuff, but at least my spirits are starting to elevate.

Here's most of what goes on the truck, the safe and a few tool totes and a 27 cu stand up freezer yet to be added.
moving pile1.jpg

Mama'a $1500 clothes hanger is going on the truck as well, but everything else in this pic (plus contents of the safe) and a 10.5 cu Montgomery Ward chest freezer from 196? will go in a 5X8 U-Haul trailer...
moving pile2.jpg

Yeah, I did that...a stout bike cable to secure some of my guitars to Mama's clothes hanger. I don't have a guitar safe...

6 days, folks. May the gods of the Almighty Weather Patterns be our friends. It's been insanely temperate here in Frostbite Falls, will dip tonight and tomorrow, but mid 30s after that. I hear the Springs has been seeing a lot of 60s. That's like...TWICE what we got!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!