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The loss of a great friend.

i haven`t been on the forum in recent weeks and i come here today to learn this. so sad. i knew nothing of his health issues. i had heard so many good things about his smoked serrano powder that i had to grow and make my own. through PM`s he gave me advice and shared his knowledge with me. i`ve only been here 2 or 3 years but got to see what a great man he was. always enjoyed his plates of spicy fare he shared with all of us. we will all miss him. i think salsalady`s suggestion of somehow marking a members posts that it is a member that has past but still honored is a good idea. rest in peace brother! 
I'm just seeing this now... to be honest I've been away from the forum quite a bit but I always came back here and there, mostly to say what's up to GIP.  I'd been trying to check in on him intermittenly throughout the summer, and just saw this.  I know I don't have the right words at the moment, but GIP was someone I could talk to about anything... He was like a brother.  Rough times and fun times we used to chat about it all, sometimes we'd chat until the early hours of the morning.  When I was in a slump he'd give me a cooking challege or send me a husky meme. He had an infectious way of being optimistic.  He was incredibly caring and always trying to do what he could for others, especially his friends here.  I'd popped on here mid september after not hearing back from him in a while and it looked like his account had recently been active so I took it as a sign he was ok, but maybe just dealing with things... I'm devestated. I grew seeds from peppers he sent me this year, and in true GIP fashion I think it would only be fitting to share the love, so anyone that wants some seeds from the sugar rush cream peppers I grew this year let me know and I will start mailing them out.  Godspeed GIP, give Bowie a high five for me. <3
Gip had sent me more than one care package as well. 2 years ago he sent me a sfrb of his red Romanian garlic. If any of you are good at growing garlic or think you want to try to grow a head or so, send me a pm. I would like to be sure his garlic keeps growing too. He had told ne he was in a wheelchair, but I didnt think I would be hearing this type of news.
R.I.P. G.I.P
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I tried too.  Same for me ..... same message.  
With this crazy of a year, I haven't been as active here as I planned. When I was just a new member I asked him about his Gator Jigsaw seeds, and he sent me some of those, a few others, and that smoked powder, I still have a little but left, I'll use it at thanks giving. A few months later he even sent me a few fresh pods as well. Everyone has loved the look of the Gator Jigsaw, and I've been able to send those out to people all over from the exchanges. Sad to hear this.