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The Ramen Lover's Thread

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If you have never had an authentic bowl of ramen, you are missing out. Find out the nearest ramen joint to your area and get out there STAT.
For the rest of you have love yourself a tasty, steaming bowl of noodley goodness, post your pics and add location details and help out the uninitiated.
I'll start with this one. Kara-Miso Ramen (literally spicy miso) from a chain store called Ramen Bandai (formerly Kurumaya Ramen). Was good for what it was, but since they took out their signature garlic from the miso (name change and chain consolidation I think) it just doesn't hit the spot anymore. :-(
Still enjoyed it though!


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Way before THP and Anthony Bourdain on Cabletv, we sought out Hamura Saimin in Lihue, Kauai, HI.  It cracked me up as there were minimal choices, and the cook knew what to prepare by the bowls that were stacked up on the pass-through. 
We'll go there again ..when we get back to the Garden Isle.............someday.......... 
I remember a double horseshoe shaped diner counter, the joint was tucked away in an industrial district.  Worn out bar stools, the laminate of the countertop wearing through in spots.....
One patron was a 'down on your luck' person, just wanting something to eat, someone plopped down a 5'er for a bowl of goodness for the person.....I regret not "catching what was going on" to be able to spot a bowl for the guy~
My go-to instant noodle setup:

I always add spice in the form of pepper powder, but it comes easily hot enough for most right out of the gate. Take a few bites before you decide to add spice. Aside from the broth packet, there's also a lovely batch of freeze dried veggies included.
You can get them at larger chains like Winco or Wally World, and Asian specialty shops. Not nearly as cheap as Maruchan or Tops, but WELL worth the extra money.
LOVE Shin Ramen. We used to buy boxes of it at Costco ;-D.
They actually package two different ones here, the ones with English or Japanese packaging are not nearly has hot as the all Korean packaging. I'd check out the Asian specialty stores for the true Korean stuff.
Yeah, this thread did kind of die :-(
I will have to keep posting pics to keep it alive!
I remember you asking about the clear Mama ramen, but honestly I don't remember it. Mama ramen is also Thai if I remember correctly. We used to get it all the time when I was a kid. It was either boxes of Mama ramen or Kungfu ramen.
Also here's something new for you. Momofuku's David Chang makes an omelet flavored with ramen seasoning lol. In theory, it sounds delicious but I imagine it is pretty damn salty.
This thread has me wanting to search out noodle places here.  I seem to recall some place called Noodle & Co. or something like that.  I think it might be a chain, but worth a shot.
Jay, go to the asia mall there in harrisburg, all sorts of the pre-packaged stuff in their grocery and then 2 REALLY good resturants.
I have a great Asian store in Lancaster called Viet Mi.  I buy stuff there all the time, but next time I am up that way I will check it out.
I want to find a local place that makes their own noodles first and foremost! This Japanese place claims they do their own but not so sure on that...soba


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This, too --> Crystal Noodle Spicy Sesame Paste Soup, 2.47-Ounce Cup (Pack of 6) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0028PDER6/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_VnAWub0GNFN12
JayT said:
On that Anthony Bourdaine show they said the guy who makes the soba noodles takes three years to learn the craft.  Watching him was awesome.
Making soba is actually quite a bit of work. Did it once myself, with some guidance of course, and the resulting meal was fantastic.
If you ever visit/revisit Japan (and this goes for anyone), know that you can book soba making workshops. ;-)
One other thing too, different areas make soba differently so technically you could also go a on soba pilgrimage lol.
JoynersHotPeppers said:
I want to find a local place that makes their own noodles first and foremost! This Japanese place claims they do their own but not so sure on that...soba
A lot of shops here will make their own soba or udon, but places that make their own ramen noodles are I think fairly rare these days. I think that is simply due to the fact that they need so much of it. The soup is the star of ramen, so thats where most of the energy goes towards.
Found these two places on Yelp for you JayT.


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In Chicago my go to ramen spot is High Five Ramen right by Randolph and Halsted.  Focking phenomenal - get the 'high five ramen' - the 'full spice' version.  Pork belly and hard boiled egg. Soooo good.   
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