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The Spicy Meatless Thread... (ya I went there)

I know going into this that this thread is going to get meat bombed... but there's gotta be at least a couple other people on this forum that have herbivore tendencies.  Lately almost everything I have been cooking has been meat-free unless its for the dogs.  I've been toying with recipes and finding ways to get the flavors of dishes that usually have animal muscle as the main feature.  Hopefully some of y'all do the same from time to time and we can swap and share some spicy veggie recipes. I've held off on making this thread for a while because I know the ridicule that will inevitably come, but I guess its better to clog my own thread with my hippy food rather than all the other cooking threads. 
So here goes, last night per request I made some arroz congri and tostones.  
For the rice and beans, I chop up a green and red bell pepper, 2 onions and about 4-5 cloves of garlic. Cook up that in the pot before adding the rice and beans and sufficient water.  Season it up, and pretty much just leave it on the stove for a while.  I don't have any fresh pods yet so I seasoned my batch up with some smoked naga powder for good measure.  The tostones start by cooking them a bit on each side before pulling them from the pan.

After the tostones are cooked and pulled from the pan you gotta squish em dip em in cold water and throw em back in the pan, for the second round of frying. When you pull them out you can season them with whatever you want, I like to make a garlicky spicy sauce concoction to dip them in.  Also, make yourself a guava-lime rum drink for good measure. 

Eventually, after a long long time (especially if you use brown rice), your arroz congri will be ready.  

Happy vegetarian eating! (I also ate left overs this morning covered in cheese and a fried egg)
Let's see what you got....
I will have to post some pics. There are some great meals you can make without meat. I make a killer spaghetti sauce with no meat and everyone who eats it like it just as much if not better than any meat sauce. Its really thick and hearty too. I grate zucchini as my meat substitute to thicken up the sauce and lots of fresh garlic,bell peppers,onions, thyme,oregano,basil, rosemary all from the garden.This year when I harvest my peppers I'm growing I will play around with some spicier sauces for the pasta sauce.
Mushrooms is a good meat substitute as well, gives you a bit of texture I think.