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chinense Trinidad Scorpion Review

Let's try this one last time.

Dear G-d that thing is hot.
It's about 15 minutes after I ate it as I write this, and while I thought that the pain was over, in reality I've lost feeling in my mouth.
My lips and throat are a blazing spot of agony and I'm swimming in lava and fish hooks.
For a brief moment, I was one with the universe.

Classic......It's funny how most of us can totally understand the comment "One with the universe" when it comes to eating a super hot....

Can't wait to see the vid!!!!
legal drugs FTW!!

Good on ye mate... ;)

Hell with toilet roll in da fridge...better get one of these soon:


OK the scorps have to liveeeeeee or burn.can`t wait to see the vid.Kick ass pepper to say the least.
I just tried a small piece of one and OMG it was HOT...I can't even imagine eating a whole one. If that's what you did, I must bow before you. :lol:
N_FF said:
timers work great for judgeing length of videos.

Chopping it into two vids, but I'll keep that in mind. Hopefully the next one won't be such a wild ride and last for so long.
yea usualy i do a maybe 1-2 min introduction then giver a go when the clock hits 7 min or so stop it take your break till it dies off enough then give the conclusion untill 9:50 or so then you have a little headroom for edits.
Just checking Skydiver other vids on youtube and I haven't stopped laughing yet seeing the pigeon vs pellet vid. Good stuff cannot wait to see the Scorpion video, one of the hottest peppers for sure. Get the vid up already bro.
Not sure if there's something wrong with the video, or with my computer. I have sound, and no picture. Could you make the video again? :P
chilliman said:
I too have sound and no picture !

As do I......I don't want to just hear the pain I want to see it!!!!!!!!!

I really hope your your sake skydiver that the video actually works soon...:lol: