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Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

This is a dedicated grow log for Tristen's awesome cross, which I
have been growing out since 2014.  I'll start with a bit of history and
some photos documenting what's happened so far.
In January of 2014, Tristen (Trippa) sent me a little care package of seeds.
In the package were two generations of a cross he had made, which he just 
called 'Mystery Cross, F1' and 'Mystery Cross, F2'.  
Here's Trippa's Mystery Cross seedlings in February of 2014:


Both generations showing the purple foliage characteristic since the beginning.
Up close look at Trippa's Mystery Crosses, F1 and F2.  Both culled to a single
plant after the photo taken, so I only had one plant of each generation:


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The lightning f9 are gorgeous the violet hie is really striking and the V2 F3 yellow have that fat Murupi look about them really lovely.🙂👍


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Cleaned off the outdoor Trippaul Threat v2 F3 yellows.
Still have one plant in the greenhouse, about ready to pick.

From the plant in the 18-gallon container. Saved a few of
these for seeds.

These are from the 3-gallon pot. The white ones at the
left are the last of the Trippaul Threat F9 white. Am drying
a few of these yellows for seeds, as well.
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The F9 Trippaul Threat white in the eight-inch bulb pan is
ready to pick. Some nice upright pods on this little plant.
Will try to keep it going OW after cutting back to some
newer branches.
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A great plant to carry on it's growing cycle Paul the F9 Trippaul Threat is a beauty.🙂


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A great plant to carry on it's growing cycle Paul the F9 Trippaul Threat is a beauty.🙂
This particular specimen had upright pods and flowers,
very unusual for the Trippaul Threat White Lightening. The
small size of this plant might make for a decent bonchi. I
think this clay pot is a bit large to be considered a 'tray planting',
but closer to bonsai than a regular pot.
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Looking for forum members who want to grow our the
Trippaul Threat v2 F4 yellow variant in 2022. Some of
you have seeds, I know @dragonsfire grew them, but
can't recall off the top of my head who else grew them.
Anyway, I have a bunch of seeds and have put a few on
the seed trains. Would be way cool to see how folk did
with the next gen in 2022!

I think my own grow next year will be with the Orange variant.
I had few orange seeds, but I may have enough for another
person or two to grow them with me next season.

Thanks to these members for growing some of the Trippaul
Threat v2 F3 variants. I have high hopes for all of them.

@BDASPNY - peach and orange variants
@dragonsfire - yellow variant
@CaneDog - red variant
@Devv - red and golden variants
@rickvm - orange variant
@Plantguy76 - peach variant

So far the yellow looks pretty good, getting stabilized- all
my plants had proper phenotypes this season.


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I should give it another try... I love dark red foliage. Not so much a fan of the pale yellow pods though. The only problem is that I have no room left. I still have one empty spot left but that is supposed to be filled with the cream white scotch bonnet that I hope will arrive in the mail soon...


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I have TT seeds of other colors, also, @MarcV.
Red, orange, golden, peach and white, along
with the yellow. Just say the word. The yellows
are quite bright in hue.
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*sigh* you're giving me a hard time 🤔... I love dark foliage plants... but if I go with it I'll have to let go sometinh else... I had the limit of seedlings set to 10 and I already am at 12 right now, and then I'm not even counting the tasmanian black... 😬

In the beginning those plants are nice and cute 🐣 but they do grow up and before you know it they fill up the whole back yard...


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Opening up my 2022 Trippaul Threat season
with some earlier strains. Left, v2 F3 Orange
variant, right an F7 ’Violet’ variant. Both show-
ing great anthocyanin coloration.

The v2 F3 Orange variant will go into a #15 nursery
container, and the F7 Violet in a 2-gallon container,
barring any disasters!

The F9 White Lightning in a 2.5-liter clay bulb pan.

Looks like this round of flowering has come to an end.
Three isolated pods set so far. I hope there are seeds
in these poss.
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