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Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

This is a dedicated grow log for Tristen's awesome cross, which I
have been growing out since 2014.  I'll start with a bit of history and
some photos documenting what's happened so far.
In January of 2014, Tristen (Trippa) sent me a little care package of seeds.
In the package were two generations of a cross he had made, which he just 
called 'Mystery Cross, F1' and 'Mystery Cross, F2'.  
Here's Trippa's Mystery Cross seedlings in February of 2014:


Both generations showing the purple foliage characteristic since the beginning.
Up close look at Trippa's Mystery Crosses, F1 and F2.  Both culled to a single
plant after the photo taken, so I only had one plant of each generation:


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Great to see the variety we created still growing strong.
I actually have three varients growing myself this year. Neglected but continue to grow
I agree, @Trippa , your cross has weathered well.
Lots of interesting surprises along the way! I am
looking forward to seeing how the v2 F4 orange
pods turn out. The v2 F4 yellow is a winner. Maybe
the biggest surprise is the erect flowers/pods on
the 2021 F9 White Lightning in a small, clay (8")
bulb pan.

Which three variants are you growing, Tristen?
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Second year Trippaul Threat F9 White Lightning
in an 8" clay bulb pan. Has really put on the growth
since this pic. Is setting pods little by little.

The first pod to set has reached the lime green phase.
Now starts the transition to light yellow, then ivory or white.
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Nice, healthy little start, @Bou. Looks primed
and ready to go! Really great color.
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The Trippaul Threat White Lightening F9 pod showing
the yellow phase that follows the lime green phase in
post #1,869.
Hard to get a decent pic without glare off the shiny yel-
low pod.


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The F9 White Lightening is continuing to set
pods. No idea how many flowers have bloom-
ed, in the hundreds I suppose.

I hope people growing out the Trippaul Threat
variants are having good success this season.
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I will save some of the F10 seeds for you @Walchit,
your name is on the list! I can also send some of the
seeds from last season right away if you like.
I will save some of the F10 seeds for you @Walchit,
your name is on the list! I can also send some of the
seeds from last season right away if you like.
I didn't do any seeds this year, wasn't gonna do a garden at all but Guru talked me into it, lol. But Definitely put me on the list for next year.