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Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

This is a dedicated grow log for Tristen's awesome cross, which I
have been growing out since 2014.  I'll start with a bit of history and
some photos documenting what's happened so far.
In January of 2014, Tristen (Trippa) sent me a little care package of seeds.
In the package were two generations of a cross he had made, which he just 
called 'Mystery Cross, F1' and 'Mystery Cross, F2'.  
Here's Trippa's Mystery Cross seedlings in February of 2014:


Both generations showing the purple foliage characteristic since the beginning.
Up close look at Trippa's Mystery Crosses, F1 and F2.  Both culled to a single
plant after the photo taken, so I only had one plant of each generation:


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Form purple to green I wonder what color green will turn to it's F3 Peach a great plant & my biggest Trippaul
The green phase has shown up in other TT variants,
as well. Some of them have had a lime green phase,
which is very cool. I hope your plant produces the
peach-colored pods.

The Trippaul Threat ‘White Lightning’ F9 in an 8”
clay bulb pan. I pruned the long branches back
to some promising new growth, and it is respond-
ing nicely. Has become much fuller in the past week
since this pic was taken. Hoping for some more
pods by Fall.

H x W: 13” x 18” (32cm x 45 cm):
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So I came home today & saw this bright color sure enough one of the trippaul's pods is changing color again it looks to be a yellow orange so maybe it might end a gold or if it turns a bit more a peach.
Yes Paul it's loaded & putting more on


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Trippaul Threat F7 violet has finally started growing
following the Spring Suck. Took long enough, just
sitting for weeks. Foliage looks nice and dark, and
a few pods finally setting and developing


Only pod set during the SS. Entering the lime green phase.

A couple of recent pods showing the more desired
phenotype. Maybe I will get at least a few seeds to


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Very beautiful pods. I would have liked to grow more plants, but unfortunately my growing space is very limited.



Wow :eek: Look at that beautiful yellow/caramel color!
They should be fairly hot. What's your take, Vivian?
Great production on those rangy babies!