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Tyler's 2021 Glog

So I couldn't wait any longer and decided to get the mix out set up the seed greenhouse and get a move on 2021. This year is gonna be the earliest I've ever started seeds for the season, so we should have some monsters by the time we plant out around Mothers Day. This year we have a nice variety and we got some science experiments to play with. That will come later on so just wait and see what I have in store. Unless noted I only used 1 cell per variety. We're going to go a full on container grow this year due to the house I currently rent has little to no yardage being in the suburbs, so we'll make due with buckets and fabric pots. I did a few 5 gallon plants before and they always came out beautiful so we shall see what this year brings with a whole bunch of containers. We got seeds from Sandia seeds, Texas hot peppers, white hot peppers, ebay "we'll see what happens lol", some were in storage from 2015/16 and then I got a nice selection of some crosses and the wilds and a few others from the great mega seed train of 2020/21. All the vendors mentioned were great. Shipping was fast even with the pandemic and have no complaints. Ordered double of white habanero from Sandia on accident asked to cancel one and get a extra dragon's breath instead and they said no problem. My order with the double white habanero came, I thought they forgot to switch.. 2 days later a whole other bubble envelope came with a lone package of dragon's breath. They get super props for that and hence this shout out. Sandia seeds was great and their seeds are fairly inexpensive. Check them out.

So today I started

1. Dragon's breath (2)
2. Red Bhut Jolokia
3. Chocolate Carolina Reaper
4. Red Carolina Reaper (3)
5. Yellow Carolina Reaper (4)
6. Yellow Brain Strain
7. Orange Jalapeno
8. California Reaper
9. Cap 1491
10. Aji amarillo grande
11. Bonda ma jaques
12. Peach Ghost Jami
13. Arris con pollo
14. Amnesia
15. Aji Citi
16. Bloody Riot Orange
17. Death spiral (2)
18. Puta pario
19. Aji bird pepper
20. Yellow Borg 9
21. Gehgis Khan Brain
22. Trippaul threat F4 white?
23. Ma Wartyx
24. Goat weed
25. Syrian haskorea
26. Fatalii (2)
27. Bleeding Borg 9 (2)
28. Orange BB7 (2)
29. Wild Galapagos (2)
30. Golden ticket Bhut Jolokia (3)
31. BBG Jigsaw
32. Jay's purple X F2 (2)
33. Aji Rainforest (2)
34. Pink Bhut Jolokia (2)
35. Exile
36. CPR (2)
37. Mustard Brain Strain
38. CGN Cardensi (2)
39. White habanero (2)
40. PDN x BMJ F7 (2)
41. PI 439452 (2)
42. Star Scream (2)
43. Yellow Rocoto (2)
44. Trinidad Scorpion (2)
45. Gator Jigsaw (2)
46. Yellow Naga Brains (2)

Well post some pictures later tonight but there's really not much to see besides some seed mix and a bunch of additives, ferts and special stuff. We get on that later!

Happy New Year guys and heres to 2021 let's make it great!
Thinking these may be yellow borg 9 but not to sure? Anyone have any input?


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