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Variegated Jalapeno Grow Log

So a couple years back when I was working on a commercial grow for a greenhouse I spotted this guy when I was sorting through a few dozen of our Jalapenos in 512 cell trays.  It wasn't likely to be a cross, as the seeds came from isolated seed stock from a company that only sells to nurseries. None of the other plants we had ended up looking like this. I was keeping a close eye on them.  We didn't offer any variegated peppers there at the time, so I had a hunch it was something special.  I took it home with me and tossed it in a SOLO cup.  

Where I found him:

A bit later on that season I snapped a few more pics of the plant.  

I waited for the pods to ripen and saved seeds, hoping for good things.   They took a long time to ripen and were quite corked.  Unfortunate that I didn't think to take better photos at the time:

Shortly afterwards I started some of those seeds and these guys turned up:

This is about as far as I managed with them, as I moved three hours away and started a new job.  Many of my plants were severely neglected for a span of a few months and all but one of them kicked the bucket.  I'm happy that I sent out seeds for these to several folks (who did have success with them!) and I am starting to grow some more thanks to Paul G and Chris Phillips. 

That's where I am right now!  Hopefully Canedog, Paul and Chris will chime in with their experience growing them.

Acprkit said:
The paper noted that the variegation and dwarf genes were closely related - I wonder if the plants could be dwarfs rather than just slower growing?

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You know, my plant was less than 2' tall
in a #10 nursery pot. You could be right.
I just attributed it to a lousy start to the
At a week after seeds sprouted - starting to grow true leaves. All seedlings look to have the same amount of green with no visible variegation yet. If all grow green I still have 8 more seeds to sprout (and can always use extra jalapeños)


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Looking good, Patrick. Nice healthy sprouts!
My plant started out green, and then started
putting out variegated foliage halfway through
the season.
I have an unusual question for you guys. What have you observed about the root systems of plants that express high levels of variegation? I’m noticing with my Purple Tiger and Purple Cacho that high levels of variegation are corresponding to weaker root systems. Originally I thought it was that the lack of chlorophyll not being sufficient for adequate root systems but checking my notes, the roots were weaker to start with.

Have you seen anything like this with any of your plants? This could be unique to PT lineages or even my particular batch but I figured you might have seen something on your end as well.
About three weeks since seeds were planted. 5/8 have disfigured leaves. It looks like a calcium deficiency but I doubt it is since the soil is good and the other three look normal.

Will be giving the first feeding of some weak fert then double cupping this weekend.


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The wrinkling was evident on the mottled and/or
variegated foliage on my plant, as well. I think it
is just part of the territory. My plant was 12-18"
tall when it shot out a white branch.
Maybe a little shot of Epsom Salt just for grins?
catchthebear said:
So far so good.  I'm babying everything on that shelf lol
I just noticed the mutants in the background.
They look awesome. I don't remember what
the pods look like.
HeatMiser said:
Guess who's joining this glog??
This is part of my 2021 grow. You can see the first leaves are going to be white. Super stoked to be growing this one. Thanks again for the seeds CD!
Great to see those coming along well for you HM - and showing good white already. Nice bright purple antho on that hook, too, which I saw on fewer than half of my sprouts.
catchthebear said:
A few quick photos of my plants before I run off to work. 
And a short video too 
Happy to see everyone's progress! :)
Plants are looking great, CTB.  Is that you playing the acoustic track on your video?
First signs of variegation! Spotted on 2/8 so far.

Also interesting to note the size difference that’s emerging. The variegated peppers are half the size of the ones not showing any variegation.


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Acprkit said:
First signs of variegation! Spotted on 2/8 so far.

Also interesting to note the size difference that’s emerging. The variegated peppers are half the size of the ones not showing any variegation.

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That seems to be the same experience other
forum members have reported, and in the
literature as well.
I think the sweet spot will be plants that have
sufficient green foliage to support the variegations
when they appear. If my experience with one plant
counts for much, the really nice white  foliage didn't
show up until into the summer. This year, I'm doing
4 in small pots so I can move them to the greenhouse
then indoors in the Fall.
Plants look great, by the way  :party:
Acprkit said:
Excited to see what those seeds pop out! Seeing a lot of variation even with the F3 seeds

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Thanks for that, Patrick.
I dropped my seeds on 2/1, so hoping
to join in the fun soon!
Pepper Merchant said:
Excellent I will keep everyone up to date, good to see another canuck in this thread! 
:party:  We allow all kinds here  :rofl: