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Whoa.... What's all this? I'm posting????

Sorry for the lack of participation on here as of late. Things have been really screwy here at Devil Duck Central. I won't go into detail, but yeah....screwy is an appropriate term.

I am going to try to make an bigger effort to get back here with all my hot head friends, and hope to see many of you soon at the FFS '09 here in Albuquerque.

Mate, I was wondering what was going on....good to see you around again.

I missed that avatar....:lol:

oh....and you as well :D


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Good to hear from you again DD....welcome back...



Hope ya have a spiffy Holidays mate.

I'm thinking of making a 'fruitcake' using candied chilis and other candied fruits liek mango/papaya, etc. Oh, and lots of dark Rum....muhahahah...


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: runs over and gives DD a big bear hug :

I've missed ya buddy! I was thinking about emailing you to see what was up!!!
texas blues said:
All is right with the world now.

Cheers, TB.

HA! I wish that was the case. Yes....the wife and I are missing the pool table, but we play from time to time up at the local pub.

I've really been hitting the books on getting Devil Duck Sauces, LLC going...and it's been a really long road. Maybe, just maybe, '09 will be the year....but I wouldn't place any wagers on it.

I'm working some really screwy hours these days, and I'm just trying to make ends meet right now.

But, I'll try to catch up and see what everyone has been up to. My apologies for the absence.