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pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

Been using this one a lot lately:




I’ve never had a pequin chile before but, if they taste anything like this sauce, I bet they’re delicious. This has a nice smokey flavor to it which I’m really enjoying. A little thinner consistency than I prefer but it’s still really good 👍🏻
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Looks like a huge bottle of taco bell hot sauce yum lol.
Next stop, Flavortown! This green bottle will make you slap your mama. 😂 If you don’t like the red this might be a better option. No heat whatsoever but it’ll add that tang we all can enjoy.
Nothin wrong with a little Tabasco. More of a nostalgic flavoring for me. My dad also dumped Tabasco in my mouth when I was a kid and got caught saying a bad word. Oh the sweet taste of rebellion.. 🤣🤘
Looks good, wondering about the air bubbles, was it fermented, sealed, and not refrigerated? Might still be active! Or could be from blending and bottling and not dealing with the bubbles beforehand.
love this local sauce.

peaches n scream by Ginger Goat
my fav of their lineup.
the chocolate trinidad scorp flavour centers the sauce, I personally don't pick up much basil but ginger is there and a solid layer of cumin which isn't listed on the label.
after tasting the line up I said I wanted the one with the cumin and he knew exactly what I was talking about, although surprised I picked it out so clearly.

I was talking to the sauce maker back in the summertime and he was loving the exposure from being on hot ones but it was challenging to ramp up production to keep up with the insane demand it generated.
the peaches aren't really prevalent to me, but there is a thread of stonefruit with that maple syrup sweetness . the flavour of the Chile and the earthy spice flavours are what really hooked me though


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