• This is the place to discuss all spicy commerical products, not just sauce!

pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

I really love a good smoked hab sauce. It cuts the perfuminess and I just love smoke flavor.
Looks kind of like thicker Cholula.
Haven't seen that brand in awhile. Named for using tabasco and hab peppers grown in Mexico, a Florida company.
Ok, I’ll say this then duck behind the furniture. I’ve been on a Yucateco green habanero sauce recently. I’ve also started using some habanero sauce I made from garden peppers. Put some on a taco tonight. Good stuff.
The ole black label tasty af! I think he made it hotter based on suggestions many years back, and I only had the one that was not very hot.
I HIGHLY recommend this green sauce with smoked jalapenos over apple wood, fermented 30 days, it is DELICIOUS!