flavor What Pepper's do you like for taste?

Lots of talk about the peach hab. I'm likin that, as I have two plants I started about a month and half ago.

Now I'm getting excited to try them out! :party:
yes the Thai Dragon is very hot, but INDIAN PC-1 is about the hottest c. annum species i have come across yet
i just harvested a bunch off my Buddie's field last week and let me tell you there no joke!!
the Indian police used to use the extract from them for there teargas grenades until they started using the BHUT JOLOKIA
they found that the Bhut gave more extract and much more potently

thanks your friend Joe

Personally I was very dissapointed with the heat and flavor of the pc-1 but I guess it depends on your seeds source. I've seen results of 6208 SHU(ecoseeds) and 81984(Reimers) but never buy from Reimers