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Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

Just getting this started so I can get a url.
I will post more about this in a couple of days.

Happy New Year, 2021!
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Strange pair of c. flexuosum. The plant on the left
looks peaked, but is setting some berries. The plant
on the right has had curled under leaves all season,
flowers like crazy, but I have not found one berry on
it, yet. They just didn't seem to like the weather, no
matter what it was like.


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Comparing berries .

Upper left, wild Glabriusculum, Seguin, Texas,
bottom right, Chiltepin Rojo from CPI. Lower left,
wild Cumari annuum from Brazil, upper right,
c. chacoense, both 2nd year OW.

Volunteer purple flower c. chacoense and c. eximium.
Should get a lot more from both plants before freezing
weather comes.
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Progresss happening in the greenhouse.
Getting close to picking off more berries.

Tepin, @pshngo. The next round will do it for this one.
Most of the ripe berries are hidden by foliage
in this top half of the plant.

Dwarf Chiltepin Rojo, Semillas la Palma.
This one has ripened up a lot of berries in
the past couple of weeks.
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What is the current situation with the original Uvalde Wild AnnG? The larger-fruited variants look very promising, but I’d love to get hold of something closer to the source plant shown here. Is that still around?
I still have a clone of this plant.. And her sister, her sister's clones. Also still have some original seed from 2019. I need to get her sister out of the airpot before it kills her.


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I would love to grow a few containers of it in 2023, if possible! Would you be willing to part with seeds from the original or your clone? I’d be happy to then share part of the resulting harvest on the 2023 seed train, to help keep it available.


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I can also provide some seeds from the 'purple'
and 'green' variant crosses if you are interested.