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Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

Just getting this started so I can get a url.
I will post more about this in a couple of days.

Happy New Year, 2021!
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Thread too quiet, where's the wild love gone? :lol:

Seed picking time has arrived! Deciding what I ought to start again, in case some overwinters don't make it, and what else to go with this year.
C.tovarii was a definite favourite of mine last year. I'm possibly biased because I'd failed to get it to germinate a few times but either way a very nice species.

As a glutton for punishment, I'll probably make another attempt at my group photo of capsicum species flowers. Certainly need to do it again with a white C.frutescens flower rather than the fancy Cabai Burung Ungu flower I had available in the last one. I'll see if I can bump up the species count and also get a few more variations included on some species. I think I might also organise the flowers by clade when setting up the shot.

I've still not found anywhere online where a similar group shot has been done for capsicum but if you've seen one please do let me know!

What's everyone else looking forward to this year?
Anybody have a stash of white flower C.eximium that they could spare some seeds for? If so please DM me.

Happy to trade if I have something you want. Been planting a mix of wilds to try and get another flower group photo this year and I found I've either lost or given away my last seeds for it. I'm attempting to include more flower variations within the wild species this year, so if you also have other suggestions of things you've seen then let me know. For example, I didn't grow CGN22795 last year but will do so this year so I have a white C.rabenii as well as a mix of the more typical C.rabenii colours.
Gah. I somehow lost my package with the Cap 1487 seeds. I can either turn the house upside down, or go with some left-over karma that will make the seeds appear out of thin air this week. Starting with the latter. 🤞

Edit to add I love karma.
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Are yours like this? or are they different?

Mate,any plant that I post publicly will be identified as accurately as the information is that the botany crowd gives us. No fake names,old names or posts for status or deceit.

See,your english is much better than you give yourself credit for. It was quite good with the various names you used in forums a decade ago,and the countless ones you hold on facebook. Bring back leo-c......he was much more honest. :)