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Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

Just getting this started so I can get a url.
I will post more about this in a couple of days.

Happy New Year, 2021!
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Questo è molto comune tra italiani e brasiliani, no?

Clayton 8-10 e sei sicuramente a 3-4 conti? Non voglio fare un disservizio alla lingua italiana. So molto poco. Riporta leo-c e possiamo parlare in inglese.

Per rispondere alla tua domanda, la variante di C.geminifolium trovata in Colombia è molto diversa dalla tua. Presto verrà aggiornato nel database Pepperfriends e potrai fare le tue supposizioni. Avrà comunque l'identificazione corretta. :bugiardo È per scopi educativi e non per status.
Non solo italiani o brasiliani, anche altri usano profili fake, non credo di sbagliarmi ;) , Leo-c è un vecchio nome che usavo ma non accedo più a quell'account, non potrei usarlo, altrimenti non avrei usato leo72,
I could give you some jargon that is purely anecdotal about letting seeds dry out alittle,turning off heat at night,etc. I have had things germinate when doing these
Good to read that here! I noticed something similar a couple of times with seeds that i almost gave up on. I started bringing down temperature, removing covering lids and letting them dry out a bit and all of a sudden hooks everywhere.
Almost time for some Eshbaughii magic 😍



Grabbed some phone snaps, proper kit next time.


Some perfect C eshbaughii. The trichomes don't lie. You have a pack on its way to you with wild collected berries inside. Maybe that stockier, more purple stemmed phenotype will be in there as well for you to compare. You got these from Fowler right?

Capsicum geminifolium






My CAP still hasn't germinated. It's been almost 5 weeks. The suspence is killing me. ;)

I'll keep the pots in the propagator for the time being, let's see what magic might happen.

I'm not sure of this will be a successful project, so I'm sowing another wild later tonight. I hope I can stay in this thread with this specific wild, as it's a bit of an ugly duckling. It's the Peruvian wild tomato, the Solanum peruvianum. I got it as a freebie from a Dutch pepper lover that also had a nifty collection of pepper seeds.

Let me know what the hive mind decides. Is this a strict pepper only thread, or are we inclusive in the broader spectrum of wilds? 😄



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...tess is less...

Now it's like a Tess-la: lots of promises, but nothing concrete.

Let me know what the hive mind decides. Is this a strict pepper only thread, or are we inclusive in the broader spectrum of wilds?

I prefer OnlyPeppers. But if there is an OnlyWilds (non-peppers), I will certainly visit as well 😁
Peeps, I'm running high on adrenaline. Guess what happened? About 40 days after sowing the seeds and following the advice of @Pr0digal_son (turning of heat for a few days, watering everyone and everything but these seedlings and then cranking up the heat again), I have two seedlings and one hook. 🙊

The rush is HUGE! Maybe even GINORMOUS if I'm honest.

Don't mind the quality of the picture, just look at those promising green specs:

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