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Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

Just getting this started so I can get a url.
I will post more about this in a couple of days.

Happy New Year, 2021!
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Watching the pedicel length, calyx and flower to see if this is C.lanceolatum or a C.lanceolatum x C.rhomboideum……..



I have some foliage deformation too. These plants have come back from a near death experience but everything in these pictures is new foliage as they dropped everything. Growing in coco but I’ve never had any calcium issues. I’m thinking stress or an outside chance it’s cross related.




Either way, the wait is almost over I hope.
My biggest C.rabenii x C.tovarii F1 plant from last year was happy to live in a cold glasshouse over winter.


My biggest C.rhomboideum plant had me worried for a while but it’s just started to awaken in the same environment.

Quite a lot of soil consolidation over a few years on my biggest outdoor C.flexuosum plant. It’s an airpot so I will have to address that to reduce run-off out of the holes. Third year plant.
Right, C.lanceolatum aficionados, I’ve stared at this too long so time for you to help.

Several pictures of the same bud and flower in different lighting conditions. Does it have more yellow than normal?

Pain to tell as the purpling varies so much depending on environmentals with lanceolatum, from pink with a mid-rib light line through to solid deep purple.





It’s not opened fully yet but I can’t see any obvious yellowing inside at this point.

Spoiler: probably failed cross with C.rhomboideum aka a self
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It looks like the yellow/green streaks splitting the purple streaks might be a bit bigger or more defined than I'm used to seeing, but perhaps not so much that it looks like something other than a purely lanceolatum flower - at least based solely on that. Your point is on that the coloration can vary a good bit on these based on the environmentals.
Thanks @CaneDog, that’s where I am on my thoughts too. Not seeing any significant difference on the rest of the plant and these flowers don’t look outside of the variation that’s possible.

Share failures as well as successes! Good news is I probably have 4 extra Lanceolatum plants for this year 🤣

I’ll attempt the cross again this year no doubt.
Winter is behind us, with the arrival of spring and the pleasant temperatures the blooms of some wild plants resume, some such as lanceolatum and geminifolium have tolerated the not very cold Italian winter very well


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I love flower time. Not too many happening myself right now but a couple of shots from today.

One of last years F1s for C.rabenii x C.tovarii continues to flower indoors

The perpetual C.rabenii solo cup plant that I’ve used for seed saving and lots of crossing fell victim to a photo opportunity :-)
@ChilliCrosser I appreciate you hanging on by a thread though. It’s comical and admirable.;)
Thanks, I’m glad to provide amusement, one of my services to the community 🤣 Real-world commentary from me, I post things here and in my crossing thread of what I tried, if I fail that gets posted too. I’ll definitely try lanceolatum with rhomboideum again this year.

Thanks for the kind words. On the rabenii x tovarii cross, all the F1 plants are still alive and kicking but still only a single F2 seedling at this point. It seems to have inherited the worst traits of tovarii and rabenii germination timescales. Fortunately I’m patient!

I also only have a single young plant on my domesticated baccatum x tovarii attempt. Nothing else from that seed batch or others have germinated. The plant is on a go slow since potting up but will be fine once it’s safe to go outside here in a few weeks or so.
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C.tovarii have always taken a very long time to germinate for me. One random seed would pop in 7 days but generally 45 days or so and obviously longer.

I did not dig deep but an example of it showing through a fairly dark flower. When lighter color it is more obvious.


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Kicked some of the winter survivors from the glasshouse to the garden today. Most of these still need repotting.

Playing dead but now alive, C.galapagoense

A couple of C.tovarii



One of last years F1 C.rabenii x C.tovarii plants. Had to chop 3 feet or so off this last year to fit in the glasshouse.