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favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

I've been meaning to do more wilds, I just have a few this year (and this thread reminded me to check on my cumari pollux seeds, they were the last hold out for germination, I got one seed that sprouted after 2 months... yeesh). I have an overwintered Tepin which I ended up cutting back because it was infested with aphids after the winter holiday. I also have a couple overwintered Rhombs, but they suffered from some sort of pest or disease issue that I never did figure out; new growth was stunted and rusty colored. It stayed isolated to those plants, so we'll see if the same thing happens this year (so far the winter growth looks fine).

For new starts I'm trying Eximium and Lanceolatum. I didn't have any luck germinating Lance last year but I got a couple plants this year. Eximium is behind them.

Hello everyone! I am a new wild grower in training.My name is Sandy and I make the Nutmeg State my home.
I  became interested in Wilds late in '15 and  bought some c galapagoense and C chacoense  seeds for starters,well all of the  5 chacoense  seeds  germinated and one galapagoense  seed. I have 5  nice chacoense seedlings and no galap :(  
I just bought some other wilds from Semillas and will give those a try. I do have some other easier to germinate wild types that were planted 3/1/16 and so far so good.
I am here to learn and to ask a question or 2 if I may?Mainly about soil and seeds soaking solutions.I have been reading the prior posts also.
Much Thanks!
Hi Chiltepin,Thank you for welcoming me and photo of your baby.May I ask you what  soil composition you find works for you in germinating the likes of C  galapagoense? I did use a perlite  and seed starter mix for my previous starts.
I just got my seeds on 3/19/16 (yesterday ) and I am gathering info., before I proceed,so I don't mess up a good thing.I bought a nice assortment,I think.I am glad to be among fellow wildies,at least I feel comfortable in asking a question versus asking  and getting a cold shoulder,because people don't grow wilds.
I asked Peter about soaking solutions and he advised hydrogen peroxide 3%,if  I recall and doing  a longer soak,I have to flip back at the email to be more specific.
I  may just do 2 to 3 seeds and see what happens with each I bought.
Its a challenge..but I am up to it...I think  :lol: 
You should introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum, otherwise people may not find you in here! haha.
I am just a padawan, here.  Others are far better at growing wilds.  But, to answer your questions, I have germinated maybe 70 plants since October.  I am all over the place with soil composition.  Rock wool, Jiffy Pellets, soil, deli containers, etc.  Currently, using peat.  I think that I am done with rock wool for now and going with jiffy pellets.  Temps for germ around + 80° in a tent or germ station with heat mat or in my hot car in the sun.  Esp. Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb.  I also have two small bags of perlite in fine and medium coarse.  Also, have a small bag of seed starting soil.  Sound familiar?  For soaking.... To break seed dormancy I have used peroxide as Peter suggests; bird poop (yes, bird poop); around 500ppm of gibberellic acid (GA3); tea; and water.
Yes, do 2-3 seeds of each and keep everything that germinates.  You never know if an aphid attack or damping-off will ruin at an early age your only plant of a variety.
Wilds are a challenge.  I have killed every lanceolatum , flexuosum, galapagoense and tovarii seedling I started.  Lately, I have moved some seedlings to an Aerogarden which I consider my nursery for plants that I must keep in daily contact with, like Wilds.  Here is my c. chacoense speaking of that variety.  And a cgn 19198 from pepperlover.
Hope this helps!
HI Jim,that is a nice setup ,the Aerogarden,I don't know anyone before you with one.I would have to read up on it.I do have some grow lights and I have a small unheated Greenhouse,as the weather here is not very supportive of  any efforts at early planting outside.I hope your seedlings do well as i know its a constant battle with the wilds,trying to mimic their  natural environment. I read a lot of GA3,I believe it is the same stuff people use for tree stump removal.I don't know where to buy it around here,maybe only mail order.I  notice many wilds go by numbers versus names,probably r/t strains??
I will send you  a list of the the wilds I am growing,I call them the not so wild  wilds,as they don't require any special tx to germinate,at least for me.All but 4 germinated so far  and  appear to be stable.
BTW CGN 19198,,,c eximium,said to be one of the easier to germinate,true?I  would say c chacoense too.
In the end I believe the biggest factor in getting  these wilds to germinate is fresh seeds.I would gladly pay  someone to send me a pod or 2 of fresh seeds?
From the feedback I read, Peter is sending the freshest he has,because his sales volume is so high.He seems dedicated to providing the best.
I will get my list and email it to you  see what you think?Is that Ok?
I  have over 60 seedlings and more cooking :)
Thanks so much Jim...its a big forum and lots of people here,and I don't even know the ins&outs..learning though.Thanks for sharing the photos too,nice going.Let  me know how they do as time goes by,won't you.Ok  and continued success,I will do the intro thingy. 
Welcome Sandy, wild varieties are certainly a challenge. GA3, Gibberellin, is a plant growth hormone. People use various concentrations to help with germination and plant growth. You have to measure carefully, it's a bit of a scientific process. I believe you use salt petre for stump removal. People also use salt petre as a pepper seed soak prior to germination to help soften the pepper seed coat. I believe the working solution is 1/2 tsp. to a quart of water for 4-6 hrs. or overnight but don't quote me on that one. I just didn't want you to get GA3 confused with salt petre. You can purchase both online. Good luck on your grow!
fiogga said:
Another big thanks to Chiltepin, Jim, for sharing some Lanceolatum seeds with me. I was struggling getting some to germinate for 3+ months. I certainly appreciate his friendship and generosity, they are up, I'm very excited!
Seeds look blackish. Never saw this on a lanceolatum so far. Nice.
Thank you Fiogga for  welcoming me to THP and for the information you provided for Ga3 and salt petre.I  saw someone selling  a combination of  both online  and I will look into it.
I am learning a lot from reading up on these wilds and I am up to the challenge,actually I look forward to it.
Glad to meet you,and happy growing to you also.
Those are beautiful plants and flowers,I love the shade of purple and awesome photography! I did see one red pod,
Well done PRO!
Well I now have 3 lanceolatums that are all doing fine now at first I thought I might loose the weakest one as it had some damage at the soil level on the stem so I added a bet more soil around it and that seems to have helped it recover as there is now new leaves and growth the biggest one if you can call it that is doing very well much better than the other two. It does look like I will need to get some more tovarii seeds as they all seem to have all rotted despite my best efforts to get them to germinate using a plant growth hormone to brake seed dormancy (gibberellic acid) I used the correct amount of the chemical  and added a very small amount of alcohol to the dry powder so that it would dissolve in the amount of water that was needed. This worked very well with my lanceolatum seeds and with in 7 days I had 3 out 4 show tails at which time I planted all of them in seed starter green houses and another 3 day they were all poking their heads out and showing growth.
I believe that the tovarii seeds may have been just to old, So now I will be looking for fresh tovarii and flexuosum seeds, so if anyone has a few seeds to offer , trade or sell please let me know. I would like to try and get some to grow this season if possible.
wiriwiri said:
Those are beautiful plants and flowers,I love the shade of purple and awesome photography! I did see one red pod,
Well done PRO!
Not a pro,just get lucky from time to time. There are a couple pods starting on that plant,should be a winner this summer if I don't kill it.

Another special one from Mr. Christopher Phillips. If you aren't already,send some positive mojo his way. He needs and deserves it!
Cumari Alongado


I know someone who is a very close friend of Chris,so he will update me.He is  in my thoughts and prayer.
Oh wow,I do like your pepper shots & purple./mauve flowers are  my favorite.The details are striking.I have  not seen that cumari before,Have to check it out.
Thanks for posting,I have a couple of cumari  plants ,they should be heading out the door soon to my GH (unheated)the weather is still not up to par in my neck of the woods.
Oh that is wonderful to see Sandy,I am delighted for you,whatever you are doing in the NICU its working!
YUP,do buy a lottery ticket or 2.  Continued success with lance & the others.