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overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

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Are you guys over east still there or you been washed away?

Seriously you guys have had the worst weather this summer. Feel sorry for you. Hope your grows are all still going.

It's been as hot as usual in WA but nothing really destructive.
Weather has been good (no flooding or winds) down south but all my megahots are just dropping flowers... Maybe they're confused by the high 30's then low 20's :confused:
Gas is going to stop in from time to time but he has some other stuff on his plate at the moment that he needs to sort. Hopefully he will be back sooner rather then later
Is that Neil the crazy karate chilli hippy? Love all the pictures on facebook, you grow some amazing plants. I'll have to get some of the nagakarry sauce you've made too, I'm almost out of all the other ones. They go quicker when there aren't any fresh pods to eat tho.

Here's a curry I made on the weekend for the throwdown thread,

Everyone should head over the throwdown thread and vote, there are some really nice curries there :)
It's all about feeding the soil!

I'm really interested in this Asian Birdseye x Bhut Jolokia I think I've got growing. Missus popped one in her mouth yesterday then proceeded to call me every single expletive under the sun and was drooling over the sink for a good 5 minutes. Hoping I get enough pods with viable seeds to grow them out again.
Haven't seen a lot of action on this thread lately, but I know the Aussie's loiter so here goes...

I'm in Brisbane, and have some excess Purple Tomatillo seedlings. I'm interested in finding anyone who's up for an exchange. I drive up to the Sunshine and down to the Gold coast quite regularly (Trippa) so can easily do a roadside plant swap

I've also got some San Marzano and Yellow Currant tomatoes on their way and a bunch of chilli seedlings which could be up for grabs too.

I'm growing Serrano, Poblano, Jalapeno, Pimenta de Neyde, Berbere Brown and Mirasol. I'm after chilli's from south america usually - Aji Amarillo, Bahamian Goat, cool Habanero's etc (check my profile) but open to anything. Actually I'm open to swapping anything edible. Just wanting to share a bit of love and see what's around.

We love proper Mexican food and it's hard to find the right ingredients over here, so we decided to try and grow them. A Tomatillo is similar to a tomato, but a little more sweet and acidic & less bitter. You can make sauces (for Enchilida's, Taco's, Mole's etc) or you can eat them fresh in salsa's. A good all-rounder, they're prolific growers BUT you need more than one plant to pollinate, so we'd be giving away 2/3/4 lot bundles. Here's a couple of pics of them...

I'm not in need of any tomatillo plants but kudos for the offer! Real healthy lookin' little planties! :cool:
Not sure if they're still any good or not but I have some old Aji Amarillo seeds sitting around doing nothing somewhere. If you want to give 'em a go, PM me your details and I'll throw 'em your way.
Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted. I was lucky enough to be on F3 between Newcastle and Sydney when that weather system hit.
I only just started eating chillies again, had to stop because of medical issues. So I put all my chillies in the freezer, should have tried drying some, asian birdseyes seem ok in the freezer but super hots are not so good. So yesterday tried some chilies with my lunch, and one of them happened to be a choc bhut jolokia. :mouthonfire:  Glad I didn't try a butch T instead lol. Just thinking I need to get started for next season soon. I maybe involved in a hyro setup this year if I'm lucky.