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  • Heyya Jackie how`s it going?Well i`m here to say if you have a e-mail acc that I forward my new grow list I WOULD SO BE THANKFUL! I`m trying to forward the list to everyone that i`ve sent to or received from at the same time.My e-mail is and the gods can verify!I`ve lost my passwords that much.If I can add you to a mass e-mail I would be realllly thankful.Have a gr...
    Hey jackie,,i`ve only got 7-pot brainsrtain,bhut jolikia,JSB yellow,aji yellow and T scorpion in front of me.Be glad to trade now if you want.Have a great night and talk to you soon. Rich
    Hey how`s it going?Just checking back about a parcel.I`ll have 72 varieties,peppers,tomatos, and eggplant.Yo put in.Several types are from Istanbul,Rome and Itri.Let me know if this works ? have a great 1 Rich
    I sure do, all kidding on my part as well. Glad you got work and can stay where it's warm. I'm just partial to the midwest. Jackie
    Pepperfever, I hope you know all that Green Bay/Minny chatter is all in good fun! You're good folks in my book!
    Hey Jackie,
    Just got back from vacation. Did you get the seeds yet? and more to come.
    Still waiting on yours.

    Take care

    Hi Jackie, i just wanted to let you know that i recieved the seeds you sent today. Thankyou very much i appriciate it greatly. Take care.

    Hey pepper freak i would love to take some of those pepper soff your hands and raise them to be delicious grub.
    Hi Jackie,

    Glad to know that your pack made it safe and sound. Thanks for the posting. I'll be looking forward to seeing your posts in the future about your seven pot plants. Hope they do great for you!!

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