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  • Found it – "7 Barrackpore". I'll have these in Chocs available next season.
    Stay in touch, Jack
    I can't remember which ones you wanted for the Black Bhuts/Naga. I think Morouga Yellow and one other. Jack
    hehe- not that I'm greedy, but if still have some after you spread the cheer...I'd be good for another.Gonna hafta make a Black Sauce!
    Hey Zander. I got some of your Datil Red Xs in one of the parcel trades. Those things are crazy prolific! Do you know what they are crossed with?
    Greetings Zander
    Your seeds came in today and I can't wait to get started. I have added a lot more species to my grow list and by October I will have a much improved trade list to work with.
    I continue to update my grow list and look forward to share the bounty with the group.
    Best Regards, Jack
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