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A tribute to my dad...

A very touching story. No one is ever ready to lose a parent and there's never a good age for it. Just remember that as long as the memories live in your hearts they are not gone, not forgotten. Some if us are called to experience life in more difficult situations than others. Those situations make you the person you are, the lessons learned well. I sympathize with all of you in your losses.
Wow, thanks all! I didnt think I would get this kind of response! Sorry if I made anyone cry, lol. Like I said, I didnt know WHY I did it, it just felt like the right thing to do, ya know? Felt good to get that out. I have told that story several times, but it felt good to get it on paper. (Or computer! lol) :crazy:
Hey DarkTrak,

What was your dad's rate in the B's?

I have lots of friends in NMCB-24 and PHIB-CB's.....they're a great bunch of guys!

I think he got out as an E4. I don't really remember too much about his military history because my "mother" threw a lot of his old stuff away. I remember him talking about Port waineme (dont know how to spell it....) California. He did a tour or two in vietnam. I do however remember some amazing stories of his run-ins with the local population and other service members(usually Marines) I would kill to know more about his Military career. His name was Dennis Michael Fligg.


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DarkTrak, I haven't done any history tracing like what you are talking about, but I 100% encourage you to go for it! There are many old veterans now who are getting on the internet or are at least getting connected through the internet.

Veteran records, go'vt records....it's tough to plow through, but you can eventually find the answers.
Ditto what SL said, I'll send you an addy for a friend who retired and helps in finding others that were in any of the conflicts. Worth a try.
I consider myself lucky that even at the age of 47, I still have my dad. He is doing very well, for someone who is 82 years young. He is a retired electrical engineer who worked for the Boeing Airplane Company for 37 years. I consider him my mentor, without his guidance and years of teaching, I would not know half of the things I know to do now. I am still learning stuff from him even now! He is a man of many hobbies, everything from scuba, private airplane and glider pilot, caving, (spelunking) amateur radio, recreational gold prospecting, boating, fishing, amateur astronomy, gardening etc, etc....... As I was growing up I found myself participating in many of his hobbies with him. I grew up with a home shop, and learned early on how to use tools and how to work on many things including household appliances and cars. I now have those tools, and use them in a small home hobby business that I started a couple years ago. (my website is www.kitestakes.com) The only building on my property that is not my own design and construction is my house, it is a single wide MH, but everything else including my shop was designed and built by myself. Because of him I can call myself a jack of all trades, and have had many experiences that many kids of my time did not have the chance to have. I actually feel that I did not live up to my potential, and that I am not the person I could have been due to some bad choices I made when I was much younger.

You posted a very touching accounting of your dad, we should all be as lucky as you to have a loving memory of the one who helped bring us into this world......
Im sure there are lots of people out there that are that close to a parent, or a loved one in general. At least I can only hope that. Im glad you still have your father here, and I hope he stays a lot longer. I mean that. There are every day heroes...we just dont always see that until its too late, if at all. No one is perfect. They are just perfect at being themselves. Thats all I could have ever asked of my dad. And thats all I can ask of anyone else.
But thank you RS67Man. I appreciate the kind words. I appreciate the kind words from EVERYONE!
Now, I just need to see pics of this '67 RS.....