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I have ordered the new carolina reaper from Pepper Joe and thought I would start a grow log.

Since I'm waiting to recieve the seeds and germinate them, I will show everyone the peppers I currently have growing.


From left 2x banana; 2x TSBT; 1 Yellow Bhut; 2x Naga; 2x banana ( seeds from Pepper Joe)

TSBT; Yellow Bhut; 2x Naga

The next plants were started from seeds given to me by a customer.

Don't remember how old they were in this pic.

Here are some pics of these guys around 3 months.

I'm new to growing peppers, so I have no idea what types of peppers these are lol.

If anyone lives near Champaign, IL I will have extra seedlings and pods (when they're ready) for free.

Thanks for looking.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

Scratch next time you buy nutrients get the ph perfect nutes it makes everything easier. I was talking to the people who make it and they have put a lot of cal mag and humic/fulvic acid into the base so you will never have to add any. It's a little more expensive but the money you save by not having to add cal mag and ph up or down will more than cover the little extra upfront $.
Oh. Well I should be fine then, my well comes out of the faucet at +/- 50ppm.
What brand do you recommend? The only ph perfect line I've really paid attention to is Advance Nutrients.
Oh. Well I should be fine then, my well comes out of the faucet at +/- 50ppm.
What brand do you recommend? The only ph perfect line I've really paid attention to is Advance Nutrients.

Man, my tap water (city) is 450ppm, and my well wter is like 1100ppm, i use my well water for the outdoor contaienrs and they seem to grow with it, IDo want to get a R/O system for it one day so ic an clean
it up and store in 50 gallons drums for the outdoor garden one day. But i think to the system to treat it will be $$$$$$
That's it Advanced Sensi grow/bloom ph perfect. That is great water you have coming out the tap i have some customers who are over 700ppm.

Joshuap2000 you can get a decent 2:1 waste ratio 200 gallons a day RO system for around 200$.
I have a dug well in the middle of the woods, it gets pretty purified on it's way there.

Edit: just took a sample from the kitchen sink faucet. 34ppm
I got my 1st ripe pod ready. I'm thinking it's going to go on a BBQ chicken pizza tonight, unless I think of something better to make.


Might as well add some more pod pics. Since I didn't update the reaper last time here are reaper pods that I could get easy pictures of.









Shouldn't be too much longer before I get to try one.
Me too armac, I'm guessing it will be another week or 2 going off of Tex's plants. I think my pods started about 2 weeks after his.
To be honest, even if you get red pods, yours still look very different than the pods that were represented at the initial offering.

Very much hab like......but your plants are beautiful, I think you have raised the best pods that the plant is capable of.
I will say that that plant is a producer, it has about 4 or 5 times the amount of flowers/pods than the bhut does. As for the pod variation I'm new to superhots so I have no idea if it's normal or not.

I do have somewhere around 100 pods now most of them have just started.
Thanks! I love these superhots they are just beautiful plants to look at. I'm looking forward to seeing all them with ripe pods.
I was feeding the plants today, and I have hit a crossroads. The Bhut and Reaper are now to big to fit together under the T5. I think I'm gonna have to get rid of the plants in the tent and move the Bhut there.



I might be able to keep one of the dwc plants under the T5 with the reaper, I hope I can find someone to take the plants home, I would hate to have to throw them out.
No signs of ripening yet.

I'm located in Champaign, IL. The 4 plants are a Reaper in dwc, 7 pot in dwc, 7 pot in coco and a cayenne in coco. All the plants have started to produce and I have some nutes that I can throw in.
I had an Professor from the University of Illinois come into the store to buy a t5 light today. I talked him into taking some of the plants off my hands. Now I don't have to throw them away and there is a chance I can still get some pods when they're ready.