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contest BEGIN! Burger Royale Part 1

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grantmichaels said:
Can you dig this?
I just paid $15 for a 2 gal cooler to use as a mash tun for test batches of beer ...
This is like $4-5 ...
You can rock rare if that's your thing, seriously.
Visit the dark side =)

Good call, I think.
I can really get lost in those two, like that.
(Page 5, for anyone who's thinking about looking for it ...)
Very interesting!!
Making burgers for dinner tonight....by default, really.....
....might have to embarrass myself just for fun.
Beer. :P
paulky_2000 said:
I feel completely out-classed.
*Paul hides his weekend burgers and feels ashamed.... ;)

Give me mine RARE......
I'll take my chances.
The Hot Pepper said:
I'm a MR guy JHP.

Medium is not a bad idea though for votes, being the median and all.

Just cook it how you want!!! I know for a fact most people like MR here anyway. :)
Yeah I am going to cook mine how I want unless these Negro Modelo's get the better of me...time to grind! 
Please keep in mind...
1) I'm using what I have on hand.....
2) I should not and will not win. Very little thought has gone into this.....
3) It's all about the food anyway!!! ;)
Here's what I have going on. 75% 80-20......and 25% pork sausage......because (believe it or not) it's CHEAPER than ground beef......and I like the flavor and fat it brings to the party. 1/2 bottle of Burger seasoning....(because it has everything I want and saves time). Homemade habanero pickles.....because store bought suck. Lucky Dog hot sauce.....AWESOME!!! and......well....you can see what I've got going here....
Blood Drugs t-shirt. This is my brother's band from Seattle. They're going on tour this summer. Not my kind of music....but the shirt is cool! :shh:
Fresh ground Prime Sirloin


Now to summon my inner pookie and get the rest ready
Is this my chimiburger or riff by request?
D3monic said:
What hurt me is that mine are overcooked by yalls standards... I just cant eat bloody meat tho grosses me out. A good quality steak maybe but never burger
. It doesn't gross me out but I do mine medium, as I read a bit on botchulism a while back and mince is a bit higher risk. Still remote, but I tend to be a little cautious.

How many hours left on 100% beef? Cooking, but it will be 6-7 hours from now.
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