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contest BEGIN! Soup n Sammie Throwdown

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The Hot Pepper

Soup n Sammie
This is a single poll, combo entry contest. Cohesiveness and complementary flavors are key.
The Challenge
Make your best soup and sandwich combo. They can be on one plate with the cup or bowl on the plate, or as separate dishes, but you must design them as if they are served at the same time at a restaurant, not in courses. So what soup would you pair with what sandwich for a cohesive meal? That is the question.
Let's define soup
For the purposes of this competition, any soup/stew/chili you eat with a spoon in a cup or bowl. For example a gumbo may be considered a soup or a stew. But here the gumbo would be in a bowl, not on rice. You want rice on top or mixed in, and it's in a bowl? Soup. You want it over rice on a plate? Not soup. Many Asian soups are eaten with chopsticks and by tipping the bowl, of course this is allowed if you could also eat it with a spoon and it is soup. Curries are debatable, so lean towards the soup side, not the stew side, and follow the above (ex: thin brothy curries eaten with spoon in a bowl).
Serving portion: Cup or bowl
Let's define sandwich
Any hand food served between bread, or, an open-faced sandwich on bread. This includes traditional sandwiches as well as: heroes, burgers, dogs, pitas, and wraps, and only flour tortillas if a wrap, not a burrito or taco. (I know that is borderline, and you could do a Mexican wrap, but for this contest, burritos and tacos are not sandwiches. So make sure the wrap is considered a sandwich, and it must be handheld.)
Serving portion: Full or half
Important: Only the soup and sandwich may be shown, nothing else. Except a pickle! :) (or pickle equivalent)
PICS: 10 max
  • All sandwiches must be cut down the middle to show layers. If this affects your presentation you can also include pre-cut pics.
  • If plating soup and sandwich separately, you must include at least one pic of the combo (the two shown together in one pic).
Remember, you have 10 pics to present your meal, so include those cooking and prep pics that show us the flavors, or wow us with your cooking methods, etc
As always needs a hot pepper ingredient, but does not need to be in both.
CLICK: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
Title your entries, list all ingredients and cooking methods. Exact measurements for soup.
PoL: $.55 (PoL only needs to be shown ONCE in a pic with all or a majority of the ingredients used, or in a final presentation pic of the main entry, preferably not on the plate. International may round up or down.)

The Hot Pepper

grantmichaels said:
Like the Monday end-date!
OOPS! That was a cut and paste from the last one, should have been Sunday, but I'm leaving it up, for our friends that will be displaced over the weekend.

The Hot Pepper

JoynersHotPeppers said:
Muhahahaha might drop some shit in here because I have a 3 day like freeway philly style bitches!

The Hot Pepper

Can't wait!

I have a guess. :shocked:
The Hot Pepper said:
Don't look if you don't want ideas people but...

Italian beef sandwich, beer cheese soup, dip for the best Philly you've ever had.

If that is not the plan, it's a good one!
I hope he makes that sammie. I know he posted it once before, but I want to try to make it. Never had one.
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