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Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

Hey y'all looking through the sacred THP scrolls it is apparent that most awesome of foods is sorely neglected. That's right chidren's, I'm talkin' about BURGERS!! Sliders. Pub burgers. Fast food style burgers. Gastro burgers. Cheffy burgers. CHEESEBURGERS!!! Single and double meat. Triple meat. Extreme burgers. Man vs. Food burgers....the list is endless but y'all get the idea.

We won't go into the endless arguments of who created the first hamburger (Fletcher Davis) or what meat qualifies as a burger. Nonetheless....here are the rules for posting in this soon to be awesome thread:

1. Any meat goes. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, rat, fish. Whatever, hunt it down and kill it with a knife. Its all good and I've included the options other than the traditional beef so all the kids can play in the pool. If its ground and round, its all good.

2. The damn 'thang has to be between 2 slices of bread or bun. White bread. Brioche. Sourdough. English muffin. Whole wheat. Its got to be bready. No wrap crap or wild pizza dough like chingaderra's.

3. Any cooking method goes. Grilled. Broiled. Griddled. Steamed. Deep fried. Zippo lighter.

4. Because I love to ridicule to no end tree hugging granola wimps and hippy's.....
Veggie burgers are all good. Just be prepared for the woe and gnashing of teeth and smack talk that will soon come if you post it. It will be all in fun and all good.

5. You suck at cooking? The only thing that would suck more is if you posted pics of your restaurant burger. For the sake of keeping the comedy rolling...
Any burger you didn't cook or you bought is allowed and is all good. Warning: while allowed, posting pics of BK burgers or their ilk with a splash of tabasco will bring upon you the most ridicule and insults. Even more than a veggie burger!

6. Chile's and/or hotsauce is mandatory on the burger. ON the burger, no crap on the side.

7. Pics are mandatory. No posting about a burger you made or ate without pics. You will suffer extreme ridicule and experience much loathing. Just don't do it.

8. Include a list of condiments and toppings. Mayo. Mustard. Onions. Cheese. Extract of male baboon spermatazoa. Whatever. Post it.

There it is y'all. Can you get down brown with it? Allrighty then...


Here's mine. Sliders. 80/20 ground chuck from Matador Meat Market, Frisco, Tx. Cooked over fine diced yellow onions in cast iron using the smash technique. Toasted Pepperidge Farm slider buns with mustard, the onions, dill pickle and jalapeno pickle slices. Kraft brand American Plastic Cheese.


Adult beverages are encouraged in the pics but not mandatory. Dig that awesome cast iron crust sear!


So bring on your burgers. And that means those damn Aussie's and their stinkin' beet root too!!
Nice grilled burgers JayWow and love to be loving loooong time that scheezinessess.
But 'scuse me a sec por favor for asking..
What's up with those anemic lookin' fries?
They look like you boiled them in 3 day old potty water.
I also noticed how you strategically placed that bag of lettuce to show in the pic.
For my benefit I reckon.
I wasn't going to make mention of lettuce on the burger until I saw that in the pic.
The fries are McCain's frozen and baked.  I personally do not like anything but fresh cut fries double fried, but the minions love these fast food style fries, and they run this place.  The lettuce is a head of iceberg I chopped up when I made the subs this weekend.  I didn't purposely leave it in the pic, but when I saw it after I posted it, I did think how much you would like it.  Glad you didn't disappoint.

The Hot Pepper

TB with the lettuce... hey TB, we know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know how you feel about lettuce you grumpy bastige! Is it your nap time? ;)
As mrs. blues would say to me...
"talk to the hand or the finger!"
First off yeah, since I was a little kid I loved the cold.
Loved Alaska too, and even when it was 20 below I'd sleep with the window cracked open.
Then I moved to the big dry ditch and 135 degree black top parking lots.
Since then I've turned into my mother.
If its below 80 she's wearing a sweater or a hoodie.
Even in summertime now I have to bring a hoodie if mrs. blues and I go out to dinner or shop.
Hence the flannel.
When I took the pics last night it was 72 and I was a little cold.
And now to address the lettuce.
What can I say?
I admit it.
I'm rayciss' agin' lettuce on or in any 'thang but a salad.
With the exception of grilled romaine.
It's in my DNA I reckon and can't be helped.
Just like G's rayciss' bigotry of black pepper.
I only commented on it as I coulda' swore Jay was settin' me up.
Then again, Jay and I got a conspiracy goin' on one time to bring out THP's
rayciss' view's of oven ribs.
It was hilarious but you, THP, didn't take the bait as was expected.
Both of y'all are still bastige's though.
Grilled up some burgers tonight and a italian sausage for the misses. She's been asking for me to throw some sausage her way. 

Grilled onions, rehydrated smoked goats weed peppers that Hogleg sent me today and some provolone cheese

Ketchup, stone ground mustard, LDHS red label and some avocado. 


I should of used more goatsweed but I was unsure of how hot they would be
The Hot Pepper said:
INO's lettuce wrap burger from the secret menu.
Hey TB you still there? Hello?
Have mercy.
I've known about that abomination but haven't seen a pic of it quite like that.
Its a got dang lettuce cheeseburger tore tillah'.
Lookin' at it I'm actually feelin' all ashamed n' sheeit.
I might have to try it!
Ketchup on an avocado topped burger?
I've liked most of your posts but this one....
Please just kick me in the balls as hard as you can.
I would find that more enjoyable than avocado and ketchup on a burger.
Make no mistake.
The burger looks great and I'm a sucker for totz but...
I'm rayciss when it comes to avocado's and ketchup having culinary sex together.

The Hot Pepper

Imagine if D3 put lettuce on there as well? TB would have quit the forum. :rofl:

The Hot Pepper

"I'm tired of these chingadera putiin' lettuce an avocado an ketchup on burgers. Bleed dat! Now where's my whole wheat bagel with pineapple guac, Sriracha and cheese?"
The Hot Pepper said:
"I'm tired of these chingadera putiin' lettuce an avocado an ketchup on burgers. Bleed dat! Now where's my whole wheat bagel with pineapple guac, Sriracha and cheese?"
Y'all know me.
I just can't help it.
I'm an opinionated old bastige.
I often think that I should be taken to the vet and have me put down.
But then who'd provide the comedy?