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movies Doing another movie

Yep, and apparently, my reputation precedes me.

I show up to the crew meeting this evening and I'm greeted like a rock star by people I've never met before. I haven't even seen the last two flicks I did, but apparently the audio is amazing. Most of it didn't even need a mixdown.

This particular movie is for the Duke City Shootout (www.dukecityshootout.org). It's a short movie competition where the scripts are hand selected, along with the crews. You have 4 days to shoot and 4 days to edit. Then around August 1st, there will be a screening and an award ceremony.

So... this should be interesting.


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Great news DD...apparently you have made quite an impression on those you have worked with...
Shotgun start at sundown. In 8 days we will have a 12 minute movie. 4 days of shooting and 4 days of editing. Actually, it will probably be more like 8 days of editing because everything will be tapeless. Everything is getting dumped onto jump drives and sent off to the editing suite ASAP. So editing will be going on simultaneous with the shooting.

It's funny. I always knew that audio was the last thing that directors and writers think about, but today proved it.

I received 6 calls (one from each other movies in the competition) today because they haven't called a sound guy yet. Sucks for them...

I'll see you guys in 4 days.


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DevilDuck said:
Night shoots suck.....that is all.

Yep, I know how that goes. Try doing a 24 hour shoot, that sucks even worse. I had to do it once for "Gilmore Girls"......never worked for that show ever again....
Well, we won for best cinematography. I got compliments all night long, form people that worked on other movies, about how good the audio was. If there was an award for that, I probably would have won.

There will be a DVD available soon. www.dukecityshootout.org if you're interested.


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Excellent news DD....well done my friend...
Yeah...sorry about that. They removed the movies to add some credits. I'll post here again when they are back up.

From my e-mail...........

I have removed the movies until the festival credits can be added. I should have them back up tonight (with credits). Sorry for the delay.

I guess that means later on this evening!
Hey DD,

I watched 'em all, some interesting stuff, and i gotta say the audio on 4 of em was ____!
Some great concepts, I can understand why the preschool one took home the popular vote, but I dont get the blood splatter one getting the big gong...
And online has emeritus assassin winning. Do not get it.

Great stuff on the audio of baker st. Hope it leads to paid work in that field (if you wish) so you can stop servicing hair-clogged spas!