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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Currently sunny and 64F on its way to 77F. Looks like a beautiful day shaping up. Went over to BIL's to check out leak. The cold water shut-off valve under the sink was dripping slowly. I tightened up the nuts on either side but doubt that fixed it. He lives in a townhouse and all the plumbing is that plastic PEX crap. Neighbor told me he's replaced probably 90% of his PEX lines over the years due to cracks, leaks and breaks. Oh boy! Doesn't that sound fun?!! Anyway, time will tell. Planning to head to the garden and make more progress today. Hope everybody has a geat Tuesday. Good Morning!
Sounds like youre having a great time Catherine, thats great. Feeling ill this morning so bumping the horse stables to tomorrow. Watching movies and resting today. Got 2 new cows yesterday. Buddy dropped off minis because they are messing with donkey. Not sure how long they will be here? Have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It’s 55 on its way to 80. Working in the office. All planted out now and have found homes for all the leftover plants. Heading out on vacation this Friday. Retirement countdown in progress. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 66F on its way to 77F. Clouds are supposed to move in with showers/thunderstorm by late afternoon. Got some more done in the garden yesterday. Still a lot more to do. Need to water tomato plants. Errands and an appointment this afternoon. Not sure what else is going on. Have a great Wednesday everybody!
Off to the stables to mow. yesterday was busy as I was trying to rest. Schools locked down and some kid shot another kid down the road after a graduation party. Lots of sirens and helicopters. 70 on its way to 93. Its already 79 in Tampa,lol. Yall be good and have a great day, good morning.
It's cloudy and 65F, on its way to 82F. Supposed to get a little sun on and off this afternoon. Starting to approach sweaty temps lol. 90's promised for the weekend. Watered tomatoes yesterday. They are still pretty small. Need to move them out to the carport and let Mother Nature start working on them. Heading to the garden again today. Pepper rows are ready for plants. Bean/okra rows next. Safe travels home Catherine. Have a great Thursday everybody. Good Morning!
Good morning. Raining early this AM, turning to snow in a few hours. My poor spindly tomato plants are healthy, just tall and thin. They will definitely be trench planted in another week when the temps stay over 55F. Haven’t checked out the peppers yet as we got home late last night.
Have a wonderful vacation, Harry. Enjoy every minute of it.
I hope you all have a great day, too. Stay healthy.
Good morning. It's partly cloudy and 64F, on its way to 91F. Gonna be a hot one. Heat advisory in effect. Moved tomato plants out to carport and pepper plants to truck bed for some dappled sunshine. Hung the new gate and got the okra row prepped yesterday. Also started moving mulch to the main pathway through the garden. Something new to try. Today is more garden work - hopefully bean row prep. Welcome home Catherine. Have an awesome vacation Harry. Be safe out there. Have a great Friday everybody!
Good morning again! It's sunny, humid and 72F on its way to 91F. Moved some more mulch to the garden yesterday. That's probably half of it. Prepped some bean rows. Ready to plant 4 varieties now, more to come. Today is more garden work, but the heat might cut that short. Yesterday was very hot, and today is supposed to be worse. Hope everybody has a great Saturday!
Good morning. 88F on Thursday when we retuned home, Friday was 10” of wet, heavy snow and 42F. Still snowing so the plants are still in the grow lights berth for another week - and I still have to harden them off. Weird weather for sure.
Thanks for the welcome home. I’d love to live in Europe with it’s beautiful countryside. But it’s nice to be home.
Downriver, how far is your garden from your house?
Time for breakfast and more then 4oz. of coffee at a time. Have a wonderful day. Stay healthy and hydrated.
Good morning from Marble Falls, Texas! Had a nice drive down here yesterday. Beautiful place for sure! We've got a nice condo over-looking the lake. Come to find out it's drag boat racing weekend. We can watch the races from our balcony. Planning the activities for the day. Not sure what we're doing today but it looks like there's lots to do. Got a break from the garden and the chores so plan to take advantage of it. Be safe and be good.
Catherine, the garden is about 200 yards from the house. We live on the river and the garden is in the old flood plain. The house is on a hill, about 50 ft higher in elevation. Now you see why I NEED the Gator to run, lol.