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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Morning sweet peas! My better half has returned home again. Just one more night and I'll join him again. Can't wait! Also because my mum is ill (has been for a while now) and I want to be a bit closer to her then I am now.

It's cold and chilly out here, but not a full on winter. I really do want spring to start. Remember the days we were able to walk barefooted outside? That's what I'm aiming for. 💃

Enjoy your Sunday and stay safe.


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brrrrrrr - baby it's cold outside - wind chill of -3C, I know where I'll be all day, indoors in front of the fire.
Not much planned except keeping warm and cooking Sunday lunch, nap, finish off watching the Bond film, which seems to go on forever and ever amen.
Sorry to hear about your mum Ratty :(
Oh spring, hurry up and get here, on the plus side January is in its last week :party:
Have a good Sunday everyone, keep warm, keep calm and smile a lot even if you don't want to :D


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Good morning. It's 33 (1c) on its way to nowhere. Calm with a couple inches of fresh snow on the ground. Fixing a big breakfast and then watching futbol this morning and the NFL this afternoon. Grilling salmon later this afternoon. Be safe and be good.


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Good morning. It's overcast and 29F, on its way to 38F. Calling for rain shortly. Not much planned for today. Might do a little work in the grow room. Watching NFL this afternoon. Hope everybody has a restful Sunday. Be careful out there.
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Good morning spicy pinda's!

Guess who's going home tonight? One more day of work and than it's back to cuddling the cat, thw kids, my better half en my seedlings. Not specifically in that order.

It's rather cold outside. I left a plant (don't wel all sometimes?) in my car and I can tell by looking at it, that is was below 0° Celcius. It did not survive.

Get well @sicman!
@catherinew Anything good on Netflix?
@Tinkerbelle099 Let me know if you spot spring coming in, I'm still waiting as well.

Enjoy your Monday everyone!


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Morning all - another cold day ahead, -5C wind chill again and snow forecast ❄️
Not much planned for today except keeping warm and work this afternoon.
No sign of Spring yet Ratty, although I did spy some catkins but they're always fashionably early.
Have a good Monday, keep warm, calm and laugh a lot :D
Hope you're feeling better Jase 🤗


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Good morning. It's 24 (-4c) on its way to 40 (4c). Cold and cloudy. Might see some sun later today. Working in the basement office today. Not much else is going on. Good day to stay inside. My wife says it's enchilada Monday. Looking forward to that. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Dreary, with snow predicted. Monday coffee group, errands, and then working on where to grow the new seeds daughter wants me to grow. Wish I had Harry’s beautiful raised gardens. No sign of spring here either, just a blanket of snow. No complaints either, we need the moisture.
Have a wonderful Monday. Stay warm and cozy.
Netflix? I’ve watched the Crown again, NCIS always, and a few docuseries. Too many choices.


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Good morning. It's cloudy and 39F, heading to 44F. Might see some sun this afternoon. Not much planned for the day. Need to take Catherine's lead and work on the basement as well. Maybe today is the day to begin. :think: We'll see. Thanks for reminding me it's Margarita Monday Harry! That's something to look foreward to. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there.
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Morning fiery pigeons!

It's still cold outside. Nothing changed on that front. Although I do seem to have caught a cold. Nothing serious, just the standard runny nose and baritone cough. It'll be gone in a few days.

I'm happy to be home again. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed, then taking a shower in your own bathroom.

How's the basement coming along Downriver? 😇

And catharinew, what did your daughter pick? Over here I got asked to grow Kiwano. That means I need to sacrifice some pepper space in my poly tunnel. I'd do almost anything to get the little ones into gardening. 😄

Right, coffee and then of to work. Happy Tuesday!


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Morning Chickens! Another cold day with a windchill, I've given up looking at what degree of cold it is - it's f*** cold today :D
January is on its way out - yay!
Work today, all day, on the plus side there are puppies to play with.
@Ratatouille never heard of kiwano - just googled and it looks interesting, not sure interesting enough to give up space to a pepper :lol:
Have a good Tuesday, keep warm, calm and smiley :D


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Bike ride this morning then a couple chores out in the Party pasture. A few friends are camping out on the property this weekend and Ive been building a bon fire. Have more to add. I think their kinda pulling a intervention on me since Ive been slacking on riding seriously for over a year. 24 hour gravel race in Alabama in September and they are expecting me to race on their team. Its my buddy Chris and his wife, he has done several ultra races and rode to TN with me in 5 days and another 750 mile trip in 5 days that just stayed in Florida. The two of us were actually putting together a race for Florida before corona hit. Then Amanda Coker which is in the Guinness several times for all of her feats, look her up she is insane. This will be only my 4th "Ultra" race and its already nerve racking to think about. I started training Sunday for it. Watching my diet and light weights with lots of stretching and calisthenics. Even quitting the hard liquor. The race is a 13 mile loop with 1200 feet of elevation each lap. So no more riding for fun I now have to suffer.

Tune up kinda race thing in April that I need to be in some kind of shape for even if I dont go so its crunch time. Havent been in a basement in like 20 years, crazy. Hope everyone has a great day and good morning.


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Good morning. It's 26 (-3c) on its way to 40 (4c) and mostly cloudy. Snow is in the forecast for tonight .... I don't think it's supposed to snow very much but we are under a winter weather advisory from 1800 on. Good to see Sic getting back into racing. Not in the basement today ..... I drove into the office this morning. The drive is 35 miles and takes 40-45 minutes in the morning and one hour in the evening. Very busy work schedule today. I've got 8 meetings on today's calendar. Not much else is going on. Not giving up hard liquor just yet. Be safe and be good.


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Good morning. It's sunny and 27F, on its way to 48F. A little cool, but should be a pretty day. Have a few errands to run, then home and a few things to do around here. Still haven't ventured to the basement Ratty, but I'm pretty sure it's still down there, ha. Haven't been on a bike in at least 30 years. It IS crazy, lol. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. 19-32F, cold and no snow. Gal-get together, watch the neighbor’s dog, basement. That’s all that’s planned, but may take all day. Good for you, Sic, and your training. Just don’t overdo and strain any muscles. Downriver, it takes willpower to get to the basement projects. Hubby just installed a TV so I won’t be ‘alone’ except for the cat. So much to do . . .
Have a wonderful day. Stay warm and focused.
Good morning all,

It was an unexpected night. My mum has been admitted to the hospital and is not doing well at all. I'll be staying at her place the coming days so I can be close to her and visit the hospital during the day.

I guess what I want to say is, take care of your family and friends and treasure the moments with them. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. Be safe. 🫶


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Morning all - Hump Day is here. Another cold one on the cards, would be good to get out of the minus C, least it's not raining.
I have a day off today, that could all change in an instant, but I shall relish it while I can.
@Ratatouille sorry to hear about your mum, chin up and keep positive 🫂
I'm too far away from you to hold your hand but if you need to rant and rave or blub don't be shy.
Have a good Wednesday and keep warm, calm and smile a lot :D