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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Morning all - Friday at long last. Another hot one.
Work is cancelled due to heat, although it's cool at the moment.
Pump went on the fosse septique so that's going to be a challenge for Mr Tinks - I'm on hand to hold things and make tea apparently.
Still looking to get more harvesting done. Tomatoes almost finished, I may be able to squeeze one more jar of tomato & chilli jam out of them.
Have a good Friday - keep calm, cool and smile even though your fosse is buggered :D

Therapy and then a list at home. Have driveshaft, differential mount and dizzy to install on car. Some work on the lean to. Change hydroponics solution. Pot up some house plants. Clean and organize patio garden. Vacuuming and cloths later tonight. Have to make my adhd list or nothing gets done. 😂

Maybe some mushroom hunting tomorrow. We’ve had some rain. Hope we get some more today.

Have a good day.
Good morning. It's sunny and 49F, on its way to 77F. Gorgeous day. Finished tomato seeds yesterday. Processed some peppers and tomatoes. Still lots to do. Took the time to spray paint the newly welded bracket on the Kubota before it rusted. 12 coats later and I guess it's passable. Not sure what's on the agenda for today, but it'll be something outside. Hope everybody has a freaky-good Friday. Be safe out there and enjoy your day.
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Good morning. Rain last night, calling for more of it today. Tomato pepper jam sounds interesting, Tink. Do you put it on meat or bread?
Coffee group will be sparse this AM because of the rain, but it’ll be good just to get out.
Have a wonderful day. OCD, lists are important when you get a bit older (!).
Morning all - the weekend has arrived.
My plans of harvesting and making more cowboy candy have been scuppered, it's piddling down.
Although I have managed to grab 6 Ring of Fire and Jalapenos so I can work with those.
Not much else planned for this weekend - Mr Tinks is still playing pumps with the fosse.
Have a good Saturday - keep dry, calm, cool and smile :D

@catherinew you want the recipe for Tomato Chilli Jam?
Good morning. Sunny again and 59F, on its way to 84F. Another pretty day. Spent time working on the Kubota deck yesterday. Replaced all the anti-scalp wheels and lubed their spindles. Need to sharpen blades. Sic - any easy way to do that? Since it rained last week, the grass decided to grow again. Probably weed-whack around the garden's electric fence and do some trim mowing today. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there and eat more BBQ.
chilli tomato jam recipe here
Morning all - lovely Sunday is here with rain and thunderstorms, so a bbq is out.
I might actually turn on the oven today, if I can remember how to do it :lol:
We've got some motorbike watching to catch up on and chores to do around the house.
Made another few jars of Cowboy Candy yesterday, still loads of peppers to harvest, pickle, jam and freeze.
Have a good Sunday - keep dry, calm, cool and smile :D
Good morning. It's overcast and drizzling, 51F, on its way to 63F. Supposed to be like this all day. Found out yesterday that I was to process the cabbage and make sauerkraut and curtido. Guess I had put it off long enough, lol. With this weather, it makes it easier to stay inside and chill today. Maybe watch some NFL this afternoon. Thanks Sic. Hope everybody has a peaceful and restful Sunday. Be safe out there and remember your covid/flu shots.😉
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Good Morning. It's 50F on its way to 80F. Back home and taking it easy. I'm tired of driving and of the rain that seems to follow me everywhere I go for the past week or so. Satisfied with doing nothing today but I've already been requested to work on a few home fix it things. If motivated, I'll harvest pods this afternoon but I need a plan for what we're going to with them before I do that. After my team got upset yesterday on a game ending 61 yard FG .... I don't know how much more football I can stand but will probably watch some NFL too. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning. 80F temps for the coming week, sure beats the rain and 60s. Ice cream social then family is over for a BBQ later in the day. Lots of veggies to process for the meal and freezer. Quiet day after that. I’m seeing quite a few roasters along the roads selling Hatch and Pueblo chiles. Guess we’ll have to check them out.
Have a wonderful day. Enjoy the colors of Fall.
Good morning. Mostly sunny and 56F, on its way to 74F. Should be a nice day. Got about 1.2" of slow, drizzling rain yesterday. You could almost hear the Earth sucking it in. Much needed. Not sure what's on the agenda for today, but picking peppers is certainly an option. Guess I'll play it by ear. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and have some fun today.