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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning and happy National Florida Day (@Sic: there's something to celebrate)! It's 36F on its way to 41F with what seems to be never ending dense fog and light rain. It's a mud pit outside. Yesterday, we had a guy with big F350 Super Duty and a long goose neck trailer get stuck in the middle of our road. Dude had to get pulled out by a giant tractor. The WX and roads have been so bad here ..... our trash service hasn't been out here in 2 weeks! Nothing going on today. Burritos and beverages this evening. @catherinew: Take it easy and hopefully that COVID passes quickly. The worst part for me was the headache and the brain fog .... that was weird. Be safe and be good.
Good morning.

27-40*. Rained last night.

Open water at the lake. Still a portion that is frozen and people are still ice fishing on. Not me! Open water on both sides is a no go. Colorado river is ice free. If I can find a nice spot to cast from, I may get the fly rod out.

Making base sauce for Lasagna and spaghetti. Spaghetti tonight, lasagna this week end. I make enough sauce for lasagna, pizza and spaghetti. Takes the same amount of time to cook. Might at as well cook a lot of it and freeze.

Get well Jane. My dad just got over that. Kinda. It’s been over 3 weeks.

Have a good day and relax or enjoy the things you love. If you’re not at work. Lol
Good morning. It's overcast with rain, 55F, on its way to nowhere. Another day of rain in the forecast. Another day to stay inside, lol. I still need to get the plant room straighten up and ready for seed drop. Maybe work on that today. Jane, like everybody else, I hope you feel better soon. Don't forget about the Paxlovid (sp) option. I've heard it really helps with recovery. Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and stay dry.
Good morning. The get well greetings from everyone make this ole tired body smile. Thank you. Guess the 3 Covid shots made a small effect on the flu - most foods taste blah. And the brain fog still exists.
Nothing on my calendar for today, still waiting for Sic’s temps to slowly come west, no humidity please.
Everyone, have a wonderful day. Give your pets an extra treat today.
National Florida day was a hit Harry probably going to keep the celebration going for a couple more days. Oh and Beverage refrigerators? I like that, I only have one. Need to up my game. Bike ride with the wife this morning then washing bikes. Guitar this afternoon with some brews. Im sure we will watch a movie later. Have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It's sunny and 59F, on its way to 70F. Pinch me, I must still be asleep. 70F? I'll take it. I guess I'll try to do something outside, but it's so wet and muddy, I'm not sure what that might be. Maybe just enjoy the warm, fresh air. Hope everybody has a freaky good Friday. Be safe out there and have a great day.
Good morning and Happy National Spouses Day! It's 37F on its way to 42F. The dense fog is still here and most of the snow has melted. Not feeling well today. Probably not doing much but taking it easy. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 29F with light snow, about an inch so far. Another positive Covid test this AM, so another day of wearing a mask and quarantine. Nothing planned except re-runs. Movies put me to sleep.
Enjoy your day, hug your pets, sing until your heart is happy. Feel better, Harry.
Morning all - weekend is here and I'm working this a.m.
Weather has been that non-weather type, where the sky is permanently grey/white and it's damp and dark, although we did have sunshine and warmth on Thursday, it was bliss and immediately my thoughts turned to gardening :lol:
Get better soon Jane and Harry.
Have a good Saturday, keep warm, dry, healthy and smile :D
Good morning and Happy National Seed Swap Day. It's 33F on its way to 40F. The fog and drizzle still haven't lifted. This WX is just miserable. My wife, son and my son's fiancé are heading to South Texas for a week-long vacation (leaving tomorrow early AM). I'll stay here to take care of the pets. I still feel awful and won't be doing much today. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning. It's cloudy and 41F, on its way to 55F. Chance of showers later this afternoon. Need to run some errands today, then home and futz. I keep procrastinating about getting the grow room ready. I need to get it done. Maybe today, lol. I sure hope everybody gets to feeling better. Covid is no joke. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there, enjoy the day.
Good morning. 25-45F, sunny. Woke up very early, hard to get back to sleep. Weird dreams again. This too will pass, just not quick enough. I’ve tried to start cleaning the basement with so much grow stuff, not ready yet. This cold weather doesn’t help.
Feel better, Harry. Sending sunshine your way.
Enjoy your weekend, hug a pet. Sic’s warm temps will soon be here.
Good morning. It's 29F on its way to 50F. I think we might see some sun today ..... 1st time in 3 weeks. Just finished sending my wife and the kids off on vacation. I'm on my own ..... still feeling poorly. Will watch some football this afternoon. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It' overcast and 40F, on its way to 44F. Rained all night. Calling for more today. Not calling for at least 50F for the next 10 days. Must be Winter, ha. Not much planned for today, unless we run those errands we didn't run yesterday. Either way, I'll be home in time to watch NFL. Well wishes to those not feeling well. Hope everybody has a peaceful and restful Sunday. Be safe out there, and catch up on some relaxation.
40 degrees F and overcast today….a big improvement over the 5 degree weather and ice last week. 52 and sunny tomorrow!

Today we introduce my spoiled little buddy Hank to his new dog-sitter. Hoping he gets along with her dogs. Then we’re headed to Whole Foods to see if they carry any unique pepper varieties to sample. I have almost no experience with most peppers other than the basics (jalapeño, Serrano, habanero, pepperocini), so I’d like to sample other varieties.

Football this afternoon….cheering for our local KC team.
Good morning. It's 32F on its way to 58F (Ha! Same high temp as Sic!). All the snow is gone (good riddance). Starting to feel a bit better but not over doing it today. Maybe some office work. Some great NFL games yesterday. No beverages. More chicken and noodle soup later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 38F, on its way to 45F. Calling for breezy, which will make it chilly out there. Another tire went flat on the old truck. Probably valve stem again (dammit!). Need to take it back to the tire shop (again), but probably not today though. They don't have any indoor seating, and it's too chilly to sit outside. Not sure what's on tap for today, so I'm just gonna go with the flow. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and have a great day.
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